Conducting a Boom Lift Walk Around Inspection

The walk around inspection ensures there is no visible damage to your boom lift. A pre-operational check of your machine must be conducted before using it each day or when changing operators. Always follow the daily inspection procedure in your manual. Some other helpful tips include: The machine must remain off during inspection. Check the fuel level in the tank or the charge in the batteries. Ensure all manuals are in the storage holder. Check to make sure there are no missing parts, that they’re securely fastened and that there’s no visible damage or excessive wear. If you find a discrepancy or damage to your machine, remove it from service and alert the proper maintenance personnel. Watch the video for a more detailed overview.



JLG 1500SJ Boom Lift

The Model 1500SJ is one of the largest self-propelled telescopic booms available from JLG — taking you to 150 ft without an oversized load permit (over weight permit is required for highway transportation).

The 1500SJ features a telescoping jib for greater work envelope flexibility and additional outreach at elevation. It is ideal for general contractors, glaziers, window cleaners, welders and more.

Learn more about the 1500SJ at www.jlg.com/1500sj


SkyGuard™ Offers Enhanced Control Panel Protection

The SkyGuard aftermarket accessory from JLG provides operators with enhanced control panel protection that doesn't limit platform workspace or visibility. This is the only feature of its kind in the market. Check out this video for a demo of SkyGuard's unique capabilities.


Universal Fit Lift Hooks

 MODEL 1370B   10,000 lb. lift capacity
 MODEL 1371B   12,000 lb. lift capacity

    Slides on the forks and is pinned behind the heel to secure it to the forklift.
    Fork Pockets accept up to 7" wide by 2¾" thick forks
    and are spread to 34" on center for operator convenience
    Overall dimensions: 42"W x 12"H x 28½"L

Meets/Exceeds OSHA&ANSIrequirements   
lift suspended loads
            safely and securely.

Designed to utilize the full capacity of your forklift. The hook point is located at the standard 24" load center where most forklifts are rated. Can be used with both straight-mast and extendable-reach forklifts.

Heavy Duty  Swivel hook with latch and screw pin anchor shackle are included.

Rugged Heavy Duty Construction ensures long term durability.

Find out more at: http://www.starindustries.com/LiftHook.htm


An Overview of Cummins Global Logistics

Take a look at how Cummins Global Logistics (CGL) supports the need for aftermarket support across the globe. This sophisticated network ensures we are able to offer the best service density in the business. For more information on our service network, contact your Cummins distributor or visit http://cumminsengines.com.


Commonly Used Fork Lift Attachments

Commonly used fork lift attachments typically include a wide variety of attachments that serve a wide variety of purposes. This article will discuss a few of the more common examples which include side shifters, carton clamps, slip sheet attachments, multipurpose clamps, carpet poles, fork conditioners, roll clamps, and many more. Once you have finished this article you will have a thorough knowledge of each of these add-on parts.

The side shifter is one of the more commonly used fork lift attachments and it is a hydraulic attachment that allows for the lateral movement of the forks and backrest. This way the operator may place a load without having to move the truck in many cases. There is also the rotator which aids in the handling of tilted skids and special needs for the handling of certain materials. As the name suggests, it allows the tines to be rotated, which can also make dumping containers easier as well.

If you are someone who is constantly loading and unloading cargo of various sizes, then an automatic fork positioner may be one of the used fork lift attachments you have been waiting for. It is a hydraulic attachment that moves the tines together and apart without the operator having to constantly get in and out of the truck to reposition them manually.

Another one of the more useful attachments you may want to consider when looking for used fork lift attachments is the roll and barrel clip attachment. This piece of machinery is made to squeeze any material you are carrying, such as a barrel or paper roll, to make it easier to carry. Sometimes it is paired with a rotator as well, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to insert vertically stacked rolls of paper into the horizontal feed of a printing press.

Poles are also used fork lift attachments that are most often found in environments such as carpet warehouses. They can be used instead of forks to pick up and move large rolls of carpet quickly and efficiently. The clamp attachment is used to open and close around an object the operator is carrying which squeezes to pick it up.

It is most often used for the transportation of boxes, cartons and bales. The slip sheet attachment acts in a similar fashion except it uses a slip sheet to load off the forks. The drum handler attachment, as the name suggests, is used for the loading and unloading of drums by using a spring loaded jaw that grips the top of them.

These are just a few examples of the many different optional attachments that you will run into when looking at various used forklift attachments [http://www.usedforkliftguide.com/used-fork-lift-attachments.html]. The better you can understand the different attachments that are available, the easier your job will become as you can find the perfect attachment to help you move many different types of objects.

Pieter West travels the world on a regular basis and have written about numerous subjects. He has an extensive knowledge about, finances, DIY, parenting advice and many more subjects. You can find more of Pieter's articles regarding used forklifts at [http://www.usedforkliftguide.com/]

 By: Pieter West

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Pieter_West/369866

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3035603


Lifting Platform Enhances Safety of Elevated Work

As director of environmental health and safety at Ringling College of Art and Design, Carl Powell identifies risks associated with work performed on the Sarasota, Florida, campus and takes steps to prevent those risks from contributing to accidents. In this line of work, ladders have always been a cause for concern – issues with stability, over-reaching, portability, etc. So when Powell saw an advertisement for the JLG LiftPod® personal portable lift, he was more than a little intrigued.

“The advertisement jumped off the page,” he said. “I immediately saw the LiftPod as a safe alternative to ladders that could have many uses for our Facilities Department.” The Facilities Department is responsible for more than 110 buildings on the 48-acre campus – everything from classrooms and dormitories to production studios and a
The JLG LiftPod has a working height of up to 14 feet.
foundry, all associated with one of the most innovative visual arts colleges in the United Sates and a leader in the use of technology in the arts.

Safety and price appeal to school
According to Powell, the price of the unit was also appealing. “Most of the products I’ve looked at that are similar to this one in terms of capabilities are three times the price of the LiftPod. So, before I even talked with anyone at JLG, I was thinking that this could be quite useful and just as importantly, fit within our budget.”

That was 14 months ago. Today the college owns a LiftPod FS80, with a working height of more than 14 feet. The lift combines the portability of a ladder with a more secure work platform and weighs just 139 pounds. One worker can complete tasks with a 360-degree range of motion from the enclosed platform and attachable work tray, eliminating the need for an OSHA-compliant two-person operation.

“When I put my safety hat on, it’s the safety aspects of the LiftPod that are really appealing,” said Powell. “It gives workers the opportunity to work with both hands without doing the work precariously.”

Multiple departments put lift to good use
First in line to use the LiftPod were the college’s electrical and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) departments. Both groups were engaged in a six-week project that included installing lighting and performing HVAC maintenance. “They were able to share the LiftPod and eliminate a lot of climbing up and down ladders to perform these tasks,” said Powell. “It’s convenient, too, in that it’s easy to break down and move to another location, which those in facilities really appreciate.”

In fact, the personal portable lift assembles in less than 30 seconds and can be moved through doorways without having to be taken apart. In addition, the LiftPod is powered by an optional power pack or an 18-volt drill for increased flexibility and affordability.

As much as employees in the facilities department enjoy using the LiftPod, they are not the only ones who recognize its value. The most recent request to use the lift came from the digital film department. “They have reserved it for about six months to work on their sets. They can take lighting up and down and adjust lighting using the lift. They can use it to do small construction work on the sets as well. It’s a perfect application for the lift – one that supports safe working practices and increases productivity.”

Convenience and ease of use make LiftPod attractive
“They appreciate the convenience, too,” Powell added. “Digital film is located in one huge building, so they don’t need to break the LiftPod down. They just put it on the caster wheels and off they go to the next location. It’s much easier than moving a ladder, because they don’t have to take it down, carry it, and then set it up again.”

But, the safety of the LiftPod continues to be most important to Powell. “Quite often I have trouble getting our employees enthusiastic about safety, and we struggle to get safety incorporated into the work they do,” he said. “But with this system, employees can truly see the benefits that the LiftPod offers, and as a result, they are keen to get it into their department. That makes my job easier and theirs, safer.”

Learn more at: 



JLG RS Series Electric Scissor Lifts

From commercial construction to hospitals, schools and facilities maintenance applications, the RS Series can be used virtually anywhere there's work to be done. Available in two models, the RS Series features up to 32 ft of platform height and up to 705 lb of capacity.

The ruggedness and simple design of the RS Series make these machines extremely reliable. Passive pothole protection has no moving parts, reducing service calls, and provides ample ground clearance to traverse over varied terrain and scraps lying around the job site. The direct electric drive delivers industry-leading duty cycles, and leak points are minimized with a design that includes 4 hydraulic hoses. Additionally, both models have the ability to traverse grades of up to 25%.

Visit www.jlg.com/rs/ to learn more about the RS Series.


Operator Safety Training

"Do you need to have your forklift license to apply 
or start that new job???"

If so, then you are in the right spot. We provide ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved Operator Safety Training for Forklift Certification. We are here to help you get the certifications necessary to fit your employer's requirements.

Next Scheduled Class will be January, 2016

Call Michelle for details and pricing at 707.451.5100


Need a Reliable Forlift? Rent a Telehandler Lift at i80 Forklift

We are an area leader in providing reliable telehandler lifts, which are available for rent in Northern California. We ensure that your lift is delivered to the jobsite on time when you need it. We also maintain and repair all of our lifts to ensure that down time on the job is avoided completely or kept to an absolute minimum.

Give us a call today for a quote for your next project.
  • One day minimum rental - rental fee plus transportation and taxes
  • We provide transportation for delivery and pick-up
  • Our units vary from 6,000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. with 42' to 55' lift

    Interstate 80 Forklift, Inc.
    70 Union Way
    Vacaville, CA 95687
    Direct (707) 451-5100 Fax (707) 451-5101


LiftPod® FT Series: JLG

The JLG LiftPod® FT Series is the next generation in personal portable lifts. Available in two platform heights, the LiftPod FT Series features four components for quick assembly and convenient transport, and a new telescoping mast provides necessary clearance and easy stowage. The LiftPod FT Series delivers safety and productivity at an affordable price point.



Crane Forks Brochure
Crane Forks with backstop
Model 660 Frame shown with
Model 660-01 General Purpose Tines
Simpler Design - No cables or pulleys
Crane Fork FRAME w/backstop Model 660 Frame only - Select Tines below.
Model 660 w/Model 660-02 Block Tines

Model 660 Frame shown with Model 660-02 Block Tines

Self Shifting (spring loaded) Pickup Trolley

    ♦  Keeps forks level even when empty
    ♦  Maintains payload center of gravity to keep load level

Design Features

    ♦  King post adjusts for load heights from 42" to 65"
    ♦  Adjustable stop permits use of 36", 40" & 48" pallets
    ♦  Backstop helps stabilize load - 40" wide
    ♦  Forks spread up 40" wide (out to out)

Call i80 Forklift for more information:  (707) 451-5100
(707) 451-5100


Product Review: Genie TZ-50 Trailer-Mounted Boom Lift Part 1

Introduced in 2001, the Genie TZ-50 is one of two trailer-mounted articulating boom lifts offered by Terex Aerial Work Platforms, Redmond, Wash. The TZ-50 has a 50-foot platform height and 29'2" of outreach. Weighing 4,400 pounds as standard (look to the serial plate for the exact weight of each individual lift), this unit can be towed by a large SUV or pickup truck.

Video recorded at the 2010 Lift and Access Equipment Showcase.


JLG® Telehandler

JLG® Telehandlers have been redesigned to offer even more comfort, confidence and serviceability. A spacious cab and an optional reversing camera enhance operator comfort and safety, while improved terrainability and a range of versatile attachments provide a boost to productivity.


Aerial Lift Operator Familiarization Training Part 3 (Scissor Lift)

Part 3 of our Aerial Lift Familiarization Tutorials shows how to conduct familiarization training on an scissor lifts. See Part 1 for a review of the familiarization documents and Part 2 for an aerial boomlift example. For more information call 1-800-643-1144 or visit us online at www.ivestraining.com.


Forklift Certification Class this Friday, November 6th at i80 Forklift

NOTICE: Get Certified at a New Forklift Certification Class at i80 Forklift, Vacaville, CA

Comprehensive Operator Safety Training

        Industrial Forklift
        Aerial Boom & Scissor Lift

Register for the Forklift Certification Class this Friday, November 6th at 8:00 at our facility in Vacaville.  Please  call Michelle at 707.451.5100 to register.


This is Parker | Construction

Less consumption. Lower emissions. Stronger development. This is Parker helping to solve the world’s greatest construction engineering challenges.


Inside Cummins: This is Cummins

An overview of Cummins. Founded in 1919 in Columbus, Indiana, Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Cummins employs approximately 44,000 people worldwide and serves customers in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 600 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 6,500 dealer locations.


Pipe Grapple Attachment

Check out this video of the pipe grapple attachment, which is designed for handling multiple pipes or larger single pipe.


Trash Hopper Attachment

Check out this video of the trash hopper attachment, which is designed for collecting trash on the job site, with automatic opening and self-closing.


Parker's Compact Spiral Hose Innovative Product Showcase

The Compact Spiral Hose represents a revolutionary breakthrough in industrial hose manufacturing technology. This hose is lighter, stronger, more flexible and lasts longer than any other hose on the market.




Root Grapple & Grapple Bucket Features:


Take Advantage of Fall Financing Options - Oct 1st to Dec 31st

    Take advantage of financing options available from October 1 to December 31, 2015.*    
    With six options to choose from, there’s no better time to bring comfort, confidence and serviceability to your job site with products from JLG and SkyTrak. Select from one of the following options:    
    Financing Options (US Only)         Term         Interest Rate    
    1. 0% Financing                     24 months             0.00%    
    2. Conventional Loan             60 months             3.49%    
    3. Finance and skip first 3 payments (interest accrues):             
            60 months                      3.99%
           +10% balloon                 4.49%
           +20% balloon                 4.99%
    Other Options (US and Canada)
    4. Extended Warranty: Free 3-Year Warranty    
    5. Free Telehandler Attachment    
      »      With the purchase of any SkyTrak® or JLG® Telehandler     
    6. T350 Special Pricing    
    For more information contact your JLG District Sales Manager or call 1‑844‑858‑9169.

Reference Promo Code: P116 
    *Limited time offer. Specials available on all JLG/SkyTrak products ordered and shipped between October 1, 2015, and December 31, 2015. Program expires December 31, 2015, or while quantities last. Participants may only select one option. Not to be combined with other offers. Rates are only available to JLG account holders and cannot be transferred to retail sales. Financing options only available to US customers; other options available to US and Canada customers only. Interest applies during the entire contract period. Interest rates/APR and terms as noted. Standard JLG Freight Policy applies. Consult your District Sales Manager for details. Finance plans subject to customer approved credit. Subject to sales/use tax if applicable. FALL INTO SAVINGS    


2015 : Giving Back Is 'Who We Are'

October 2015 Editor's note: This is the latest in the series of ARA Foundation spotlights on the organized philanthropic efforts of rental store businesses and manufacturers/suppliers of rental equipment — volunteer endeavors that are being highlighted throughout October during “ARA Makes a Difference in Your Community Month.”

Michelle and Rick Strand, president and vice president, respectively, at Interstate 80 Forklift in Vacaville, CA, have made giving back to their community a personal as well as a business commitment.

“Giving back is just a part of who we are,” Michelle says. So, when they began their rental business in 2008, they naturally incorporated that philosophy into their business.

“We started out small, just Rick and I. Now we have five full-time employees. We open up all of the charitable activities we are involved in with our employees and their families,” Michelle says.

For instance, a year after they opened, they heard about the Loop Lagoon, a 5K fundraising run that benefits the Vacaville Unified School District. “We’ve been participating in it every year since then. We open it up to everyone here. We pay for their registration fee and then, after the run, we take everyone out for breakfast,” she says.

Last year, they added another event that tested their endurance and teamwork skills. They participated in the St. Jude Warrior Dash to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. 

“St. Jude’s is close to my heart,” Michelle says. “This event was a 3½-mile, 12-obstacle-course race. We invited all of our employees to take part, if they wished. Even one of our vendors joined us. It was a neat and unique opportunity that created a lot of camaraderie and erased that line between employee and business owner. It took us one hour and 20 minutes to finish, but we all finished. When we were done, we were caked in mud from head to toe because in a lot of these obstacles you had to help each other through them. I had my mechanic pulling me out of mud trenches. It was a real team effort. Afterwards, we all took part in the event’s celebration and then had to hose off all of that mud,” she says.  

“We’re thankful that we have the physical ability to participate and have the financial means to give. These events serve both purposes. We have a family atmosphere here, so we offer these events to our employees,” she says, noting that “our contributions are done with a heart of appreciation for our customers and vendors who have believed in us and have supported us, in addition to our employees who show up every day and work really hard. It is because we have been so blessed with all of this that we pay it forward by supporting our community and various charities.”

Participating in these events with employees who wish to partake has been “a real positive” for all involved, Michelle says. It has increased camaraderie, teamwork and a sense of pride among everyone in the organization. It demonstrates that helping your community is good for business.

Source: Rental Pulse.com online article


Aerial Lift Operator Familiarization Training Part 1

This tutorial explains how to use the IVES Aerial Lift Operator Familiarization Training Packet. Operator familiarization material designed to upgrade the general training and knowledge of a previously qualified aerial lift operator.

And also: 

Get Certified At I-80 Forklift!

    Comprehensive Operator Safety Training

        Industrial Forklift
        Aerial Boom & Scissor Lift

    Classes held monthly in Vacaville.  On-Site training also available.

 Next Scheduled Class will be Friday, November 6, 2015 @ 8:00am

  Call Michelle for details (707) 451-5100


Ground Support Keeps Your Machines up and Running : JLG

Learn about the technical support services, parts and world-class training offered through JLG® Ground Support. Also, take a tour of our new training center and proving grounds, which includes a multi-bay service training area and virtual equipment simulator.


TECH TIP Pressure Washing and Electronics

A rugged job site can make pressure washing your machines a necessity, but today’s lifts are equipped with sophisticated electronics that can be sensitive to pressure and water. Beyond avoiding washing electrical or electronic components, JLG Industries recommends the following in the event that you need to wash an area containing sensitive components:

  •     Use a maximum pressure of 750 psi (52 BAR)
  •     Maintain a minimum distance of 12 inches away from these components
  •     Avoid directly spraying components and do so for brief periods to avoid saturation
Please contact your Regional Service Manager or a JLG service representative if further information is required.

Still need tech support? Call 877-JLG-LIFT (554-5438).


Lift and Transport Wire Mesh Panels with Ease











SkyTrak® Telehandlers Get an Upgrade: JLG

Introducing the redesigned line of SkyTrak® brand telehandlers, offering greater comfort, better operator confidence and added versatility. Check out the upgrades, including a Tier 4 Final engine and an enhanced cab with features to reduce operator fatigue.


Forklift Certification Training

Get Certified At I-80 Forklift!

    Comprehensive Operator Safety Training

        Industrial Forklift
        Aerial Boom & Scissor Lift

    Classes held monthly in Vacaville.  On-Site training also available.
    Call Michelle for details (707) 451-5100


Next Generation of Access Equipment

JLG is advancing its product line so you can stay ahead of job site changes. Check out the completely redesigned line of JLG® telehandlers, the upgraded SkyTrak telehandlers and other product offerings introduced at the 2015 ARA Rental Show


New Mid-Size Boom Lifts Waste no Time Getting the Job Done : JLG

Get a closer look at the improved multifunction capability and larger capacity of the new 460SJ and 450AJ boom lifts. Designed to increase productivity, the mid-size boom lifts also offer more durability and serviceability thanks to the new DuraTough hood design.


Nearly $223M in New Transportation Funding Approved

The newly allocated funding also includes $167.2 million from the State Highway Operation and Protection Program for 41 projects that will maintain and preserve the investment in the state highway system and its supporting infrastructure.

Continuing the push to rebuild and maintain California’s infrastructure, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) has allocated nearly $223 million to 108 transportation projects that will alleviate traffic delays, repair aging roads and bridges and encourage bicycling and walking.

Thirty-seven biking and pedestrian projects throughout the state will receive nearly $10.3 million in allocations from the Active Transportation Program.

“Allocations like those made today help Caltrans continue to invest in, maintain and modernize California’s transportation system,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Each of these projects is an opportunity to improve safety, access and mobility for all travelers in California, whether you choose to travel via car, bike or transit.”

The newly allocated funding also includes $167.2 million from the State Highway Operation and Protection Program for 41 projects that will maintain and preserve the investment in the state highway system and its supporting infrastructure. These capital improvements consist of projects covering maintenance, pavement repair and rehabilitation, safety improvements and upgrades to bridges throughout the state.

“Preventative maintenance is the most cost-effective means of protecting the state’s infrastructure investment,” continued Doughety. “We adopted a ‘fix it first’ strategy because for every $1 spent on preventative maintenance, we can save taxpayers up to $14 in monies that would have been spent on more expensive and extensive repairs.”

The allocations also include $2.2 million from Proposition 1B, a transportation bond approved by voters in 2006.

To date, more than $18 billion in Proposition 1B funds have been put to work statewide for transportation purposes. The remaining $43 million in allocations came from various state and federal transportation accounts.

Among the regional projects that received funding allocations were:

$2.3 million allocation to construct rumble strips, upgrade bridge railing, and enhance roadway striping along Interstate 8 (I-8), between Ballantyne Street and East Victoria Drive.

$1.9 million to reconstruct pedestrian facilities to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards at 58 locations along Interstate 5 (I-5), and state Routes 54, 75, 78 and 115 in Imperial County.

$3.2 million to upgrade existing bridge rail end treatments at 40 locations on I-5, I-8 and state Route 52.

$3.1 million to seismically retrofit four bridges on Interstate 805 and on state Routes 94 and 125.

For more information, visit http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/paffairs/news/pressrel/docs/May_CTC_projects.pdf.

Region: Western Edition | StoryID: 25711 | Published On: 7/13/2015

Source: http://www.constructionequipmentguide.com/Nearly-223M-in-New-Transportation-Funding-Approved/25711/


NFL Trivia Questions

Football season is gearing up!
Answer these questions correctly for a chance to win $100:
  1. Who was the first defensive lineman to total 20 sacks in a season
  2. Who was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns during the 1950s?
  3. Which team was the first to win a Super Bowl by more than 40 points?
First 2 to respond with the correct answers are placed in a drawing to be held December 1, 2015 for $100.00 cash
(Max entries 2)
Send correct answers to: newsletter@i80forklift.com


I-80 Forklift Service Truck Demonstration

Rick from I-80 Forklift goes over one of the well stocked service trucks they use to service and repair forklifts and equipment in the field. See more information at http://www.i80forklift.com


Rough Terrain Brick Carts

Model 203B Specs
Tilt capacity 1000 lbs.
    Two pair 15" forks & one pair 8" forks
    Accommodates any banded block or brick package
    More fork adjustment holes to accommodate banded block packages
    4 ply wide high-float tires
    Heavy Duty 1" dia. axle with 3" roller bearings
    Spring loaded positioning wheels
    Overall width - 29"
    Weight - 140 lbs.

Model 202B Specs
    Tilt capacity - 600 lbs.
    One pair 8" forks
    Accommodates any banded brick package
    4 ply - wide high-float tires
    Heavy Duty 1" dia. axle w/3" roller bearings
    Overall width- 29"
    Weight - 115 lbs.


How to Operate the JLG Boom Lift Drive Orientation System

Learn how to operate the drive system on your JLG boom lift. The drive orientation system activates whenever the boom is swung past the rear drive wheels from the normal driving position. When drive is initiated past the rear drive wheels, the drive orientation indicator will flash and the steer and drive functions will be disabled. To drive the unit in this position, match the directional arrow on the frame with the directional arrow at the drive controller to the intended direction of travel. Engage and release the drive orientation override switch and slowly move the drive controller to the intended direction of travel. 

The drive orientation override switch has a 3-second enable timer. If the timer expires, the override switch must be reengaged to enable the drive and steer functions. 

Consult your operation and safety manual for more information.



Get More Fork Under Bulky Loads


One Man can install or remove in seconds

Model     Overall Length     Fits     Weight per set
1664      72"     4" x 48" forks  108 lbs.
1665      72"     5" X 48" forks     113 lbs.
1666      72"     6" x 48" forks     148 lbs.

Things You Should Know About Fork Extensions
◆  Overall length of fork extension must not exceed 150% of fork length.
◆  Inside width of fork extension must not be more than ½" wider than fork.
◆  Forklift capacity is substantially reduced when center of load is moved out beyond standard 2 ft. load center.
◆  Do not pick up load with tip of fork extensions.
◆  Load must be centered on fork extensions or closer to the backstop.


JLG® Toucan: All the Access You Need

See the JLG® Toucan in action throughout a facility—lifting up and over obstacles, navigating doorways and confined spaces and loading onto a trailer. The Toucan mast boom lift features 360-degree rotation, non-marking tires, an excellent turning radius and maneuverability and smooth, proportional controls that are simple to operate. Watch the video to learn more.


I-80 Forklift Serving all of Your Equipment Transportation Needs

Our I-80 Forklift in-house truck and Cozad trailer will provide that same superior service our former sister company I-80 Transport did. Our truck is California compliant until 2023 and our RGN Cozad 35 ton air-tail trailer will provide fast and efficient loading and unloading.

We look forward to serving any all of your transportation needs; along with our continued services in Sales, Rentals, Repairs and Parts.

Please feel free to contact us at the number listed below if you have any questions or want to schedule your next load!

We appreciate your business.

Direct: 707-451-5100


Cummins Components - Future Technology That Transforms

Showcasing the full spectrum of Cummins expertise in component technologies for the commercial diesel engine. These component innovations are capable of improving the fuel efficiency of modern diesel engines by at least 10% while also improving emissions reductions performance.



Model 135

  •     Mixer type - rotating drum
  •     Hyd. requirements - 8 to 10 GPM
  •     Capacity - 6 ft3
  •     Empty weight - 298 lbs.
Put the new Mix-N-Place on your skid-steer and you have both a concrete mixer and a placer, all in one.  It is the easily affordable way to mix small volumes of concrete and then place it anywhere it is needed. Today, getting less than full truckloads of concrete from a ready-mix company is almost impossible, and if they will deliver it, you can bet the cost will be significantly higher than the normal yardage price. In addition, wheeling concrete is very costly, slow, and labor intensive. With the Mix-N-Place you can mix the quantity you need, have it when you are ready for it, place it where it is needed, and keep the cost low.

The six cubic foot capacity is perfectly matched for the majority of skid-steer loaders. The Mix-N-Place is simple in design, but is built rugged so it will be dependable. The mixer is powered by a strong hydraulic motor that mounts to an extra heavy duty carrier bearing. This rugged bearing safely carries the load while protecting the hydraulic motor and seals. A heavy duty universal skid-steer quick-tach along with 3/8" plate mounting components ensures it will stand up on any job, and even withstand the toughest of rental conditions. The Mix-N-Place is supplied complete with hydraulic hoses and quick disconnects.  Just connect to your skid-steer’s auxiliary hydraulics and you are ready to Mix-N-Place concrete.


The Genie® Runabout™ Contractor

The Genie® Runabout™ Contractor (GRC™) is a compact, low-weight machine well suited for increasing productivity on the job. The construction site-ready Runabout™ Contractor features a tube-in-tube telescoping mast and steel platform for durability in rougher environments.

  •     Portable, cost-effective lift for a wide range of heavy-duty jobs
  •     Robust steel platform and covered telescoping mast
  •     Drivable when fully elevated
  •     Durable, flexible ABS material helps rear access covers maintain their shape
  •     Low step-in height – just 15.5 in (.39 m) off the ground
  •     On-board diagnostics for convenient service
  •     Standard work trays on both sides of the mast for tools and fasteners
  •     Standard extension deck offers an extra 17.5 inch outreach


SkyTrak® Telehandlers Get an Upgrade: JLG

Introducing the redesigned line of SkyTrak® brand telehandlers, offering greater comfort, better operator confidence and added versatility. Check out the upgrades, including a Tier 4 Final engine and an enhanced cab with features to reduce operator fatigue.


Genie Manuals

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Parts and Service Manuals are also available on DVD. Request part number 1000170.
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Parker Hydraulic Hose and Assemblies

Parker manufactures the world’s largest offering of rubber and thermoplastic hydraulic hoses in the marketplace today. The leader in motion and control technologies, at Parker we put our industry known engineering expertise into every hydraulic hose we manufacture. With our global manufacturing locations Parker has the hydraulic hose for your application available when and where you need. Parker offers hydraulic hose that meets SAE, DIN, ISO and MSHA standards. Parker’s hydraulic hose includes such features as constant working pressures, low expansion, low temperature and high temperature applications. Parker’s hydraulic hose is used in mobile, agricultural, industrial, rail, refrigeration and aviation applications. And, Parker is known for being innovative. Parker is the only manufacturer to offer high pressure spiral hydraulic hose with the flexibility found in a braided style. With the most abrasion resistant covers today, Parker hydraulic hose can withstand even the harshest of working environment. Parker, the leader in hydraulic hoses and assemblies.


Cummins Engines

Legendary Dependability and World Class Support

From the legendary 6.7L Turbo Diesel to the largest industrial engines, our passion is advanced, dependable power

Clean, efficient and always dependable, Cummins engines are at the heart of how hard work gets done. Our on-highway, off-highway and marine divisions power everything from 360-ton mining trucks to ambulances, and a full line of recreational and commercial marine diesels.

Every one of our engines is protected by the Cummins Genuine Parts and Service, with more than 5,500 locations worldwide. Rest assured that with Cummins, you can get the help you need, whenever you need it - day or night.

Visit Cummins Construction Engines online: http://cumminsengines.com/construction


New Arrival - Skytrak 10054

Skytrak 10054
Year 2015
Engine Tier4F Cummins
Carriage 72’’ Swing
Forks 60’’ Full Taper
Foam Filled Tires
Worklight Pkg

F.O.B Vacaville, Ca
Call for pricing

 (707) 451-5100


Upgraded Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts Power Through Rugged Job Sites : JLG

Watch the 4394RT and 5394RT scissor lifts deliver the power it takes to handle uneven surfaces and congestion on job sites. This video also demonstrates a reduced setup time with the optional one-touch leveling jacks and the ability to accommodate more people and materials with a standard 4 ft deck extension.



Heavy Duty Forklift Mortar Tubs

    Durable 10 gauge steel
    Continuous welded seams
    Reinforced corners
    One end sloped for easy shoveling

Model 102

    10 cuft capacity
    24"W x 22"H x 48"L
    Weight 155 lbs.

Model 103(not shown)

    6 cu ft capacity
    24"W x 22"H x 32"L
    Weight 121 lbs.


What is “operator comfort” and why is it important?

Operator comfort means that the operator is comfortable with the actual physical setup in the cab. Is the seat comfortable? Are the joystick and other operator controls easy to reach? Does the operator have to strain to reach things? Is it easy to see the working area? Are mirrors set up so that the operator doesn’t have to strain to see behind him or to the side or to the right or left? Are there temperature controls so the operator is neither too hot nor too cold while working?

Operator comfort is important because an equipment operator will be more productive if he is comfortable. In the rental industry, different operators will often use the same machines and the more comfortable they are, the more likely they are to be productive.


Increase the Versatility of Your Telehandler with Pipe Grapple Attachments!

Optimize the use of your Telehandler with the JLG Pipe Grapple. The Pipe Grapple handles various pipe diameters and configurations. The arms fold down on the pipe/poles to secure and prevent the load from rolling off or tipping sideways. The arm design offers the most versatility for handling various diameters and lengths. When idle, the arm assembly pivots to the full vertical position so the truck can be utilized for typical loads. Please contact the Parts Marketing team at 1-877-554-5438 or partsprograms@jlg.com for more information.


  • Can handle long pipe or pole material efficiently
  • Help to stabilize a load of long pipes or poles
  • Specially designed clamping arms mounted on top of carriage 


  • 72” carriage
  • 48” Forks (ITA - hook mounted)
  • 2” - 30” pipe diameter 

• Use only JLG approved attachments with proper material handler model/attachment load capacity charts displayed in the operator’s cab. 
• Never use your attachment as a work platform or personnel carrier. 

I-80 Forklift is a proud distributor of JLG Products and accessories.


Cummins Genuine Parts vs. Non-Genuine Parts: There is a Difference

Sometimes it can be hard to see the difference between Genuine Cummins parts and non-genuine parts, but it’s the little details that make a difference. Non-genuine parts may fit a Cummins engine – but they aren’t built or remanufactured using the same procedures or materials, to Cummins exact specifications. This video takes a look at some of the critical differences in quality and performance between Genuine Cummins parts versus non-genuine parts. To learn more about Genuine Cummins parts, visit http://cumminsgenuineparts.com or contact your Cummins dealer or distributor.


Trailer Mounted Booms by Genie®

Genie® trailer-mounted Z-booms feature an outstanding operating envelope, making them ideal to reach jobs high and low. With easy-to-tow mobility and simple pictograph controls, it’s no wonder that Genie trailer-mounted Z-booms take productivity to new heights.
  •     Operating envelope of a Z-boom — reaches up, over and out
  •     Easily towed behind a pickup or SUV
  •     Lightweight enough to use on lawns, slate or gymnasium floors
  •     Exclusive Genie Automatic Leveling System™ for self-leveling on slopes up to 11°
  •     Simple pictograph controls allow operators to get to work quickly
  •     Drive and Set™ option positions unit quickly and efficiently


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i80 Forklift Sponsors Chase Hill's Kart in the 500 Open

I80 Forklift was a partnered sponsor on Chase Hill's Kart in the 500 Open at Dixon Raceway 2015 Memorial Day Money Mayhem race.