Advanced Equipment, Connected Technologies & More from CONEXPO

Featured in the JLG® booth, this video showcases all the equipment, technologies and solutions JLG brought to CONEXPO 2020. No matter the job, no matter the environment, JLG elevates access everywhere. See how. Explore JLG® equipment: www.jlg.com/en/equipment


Tour Our Highly Versatile JLG® Rotating Telehandlers

Rotating telehandlers like the R11100 are ideal for congested job sites in growing urban areas. Position the machine in one place while lifting, extending and rotating 360 degrees. Watch this product walk-around to see how this telehandler gives you 3-in-1 machine capabilities with less need to reposition.


Maximize Uptime With the DaVinci® All-Electric Scissor Lift From JLG

The DaVinci all-electric scissor does more work than a standard machine, while consuming 30% less energy. Plus, this machine delivers unparalleled value by replacing unnecessary components with maintenance-free electric components. See how the DaVinci scissor is sophisticated technology made simple: https://www.allelectricscissor.com/


Do you need to have your forklift certification to apply or start that new job?

Complying with the new ANSI standards isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. When four recruits show up to boot camp, Sgt. McConnell lays out exactly what they need to learn. Watch the full miniseries to ensure you’ll be ANSI compliant in time. Explore JLG® Boot Camp infographics, guides and other resources at https://www.jlg.com/en/destination/ansi


Help Wanted - Mechanic I-80 Forklift



Mechanical experience in equipment or auto helpful

Electrical and Hydraulic experience helpful

Ability to troubleshoot and read equipment manuals

Physical stamina to handle a full shift of being active and working on equipment in the field

Clean DMV record

Pay: $20-30/hour with benefits

Send resume to rick@i80forklift.com


NEW WHITEPAPER: Augmented Reality Solves 2 Common Job Site Challenges


What if you could radically simplify the sizing and configuring of aerial lifts for your construction projects? And, what if you could instantly access an OEM’s operation and safety manuals, as well as a variety of video content, from the palm of your hand? 

Those are just two of the capabilities offered by the JLG® Augmented Reality app to help your operators better understand and use their machines, part of the company’s growing suite of connected solutions.

This free tool, available for Apple and Android smartphones, enables you to properly select equipment for your projects and configure it with the accessories you need to get your work done efficiently. It also assists with controls familiarization, decal translations and annual inspections, helping your operators work more proficiently. 

The JLG AR app puts focused information that equipment owners, operators and service technicians need at their fingertips, in the field, displayed in useful formats on tools they already own. 

In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at how this technology offers solutions to two of the most common challenges in the construction industry today:

Sizing and configuring equipment

Helping operators better understand and use their machines

This whitepaper is a resource to help you better understand how leveraging augmented reality technology can streamline your work and save you time and money.

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Download here: 


Wacker Neuson Generators

See more at https://www.i-80forklift.com/generators/or call 707-451-5100.

If you need a manual transfer switch added to your house to connect one of these generators here are 2 of our electrical partners contact information:

Greater Sacramento Area- Roseville-Rocklin Electric https://rocklinelectric.com/ 916-772-2698

Solano County and Bay Area- CP Unlimited 707-373-6666



You may have heard the words “circular economy” mentioned recently and wondered why?

It’s a phrase being used in the equipment industry right now to promote the idea of manufacturing or producing machinery in a sustainable or environmentally friendly way. 

It is also the terminology being applied to the concept of recycling or reusing construction machinery to promote ongoing sustainability. Some OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), like JLG, have implemented reconditioning programs, which repair, restore and recirculate existing machines into the market, to meet sustainability targets in the circular economy. 

Equipment reconditioning programs are not new to the industry. In fact, JLG launched its program more than 25 years ago. Yet, there still is a lot of confusion about what it is, and what it is not. 

Let’s take a look at eight frequently asked questions about reconditioned equipment and how JLG’s program benefits the circular economy...

1. What is reconditioned equipment?

To best understand what reconditioned equipment is, it’s important to understand exactly what reconditioning entails. And, that definition differs among OEMs. For some, reconditioning is simply putting new paint and tires on a machine. 

For others, including JLG, reconditioning programs follow strict guidelines to rebuild machines to like-new condition.

2. What is included in the reconditioning process?

The JLG reconditioning program is designed to adhere to the same guidelines as new equipment manufacturing. It is more than just a paint job because repairing and restoring reconditioned machines to their original specifications must be a complete process to give them new life, inside and out.  

To bring back JLG equipment to the initial machine specifications of the model from its original manufacture date, our extensive reconditioning process includes:

  • Units are completely torn down and inspected
  • Major sub-assemblies are verified for structural integrity
  • All components are tagged and re-associated with the original serial-numbered machine
  • Powertrain is inspected and resealed or rebuilt, as needed
  • All wiring harnesses and hydraulic hoses are replaced
  • New wire rope kit is installed

Once a machine is returned to “like new” condition through the reconditioning process, JLG requires that it be able to pass the required ANSI annual machine inspection, which includes a thorough evaluation of four major components (as applicable by model): 1) Electrical system, 2) Hydraulic system, 3) Drive train and 4) Structural components, as well as meet other applicable ANSI standards.  All of JLG’s reconditioned machines come with a standard 3-yr warranty. This commitment to detail ensures that JLG reconditioned units are ready to go straight from the facility to the job site.

3. How long does it take to do a complete machine reconditioning? 

JLG’s reconditioning process and facility are extremely efficient, and a machine can usually be reconditioned in 2-3 weeks. The exact amount of time to recondition a machine depends on the machine itself. Factors that influence this include its size, the condition of the machine and the availability of parts needed to return the equipment to the original specifications of its manufacture date.

4. Does JLG recondition all of its machines?

JLG’s program is currently available on 40 ft and above IC (internal combustion) boom lifts.

5. Is there a limit as to how many times a machine can be rebuilt?

There is no limit to how many times a machine can be reconditioned. That said, over time a machine’s technology and components will become outdated, even obsolete, and at that point, either JLG or our customers may decide that it is no longer feasible to continue to invest in reconditioning the machine. 

6. Who buys reconditioned equipment?

Customers who purchase JLG reconditioned machines are often looking to grow and manage their fleets with lower-cost equipment investments in higher-quality, higher-value products. 

7. How much money can customers save with a reconditioned unit compared with buying a new machine?

Cost savings vary by machine, but it is estimated that a reconditioned machine offers 25-35% cost savings over purchasing new.  

8. Why does JLG offer a reconditioning program?

From new production through reconditioning, JLG is able to deliver the whole spectrum of equipment, helping customers expand their fleets to include the products they want and need — meeting their business goals in every way possible. 

Since its launch in 1997, JLG’s reconditioning program has grown through all economic conditions, regardless of the market conditions (supply chain constraints, looming recession, etc). The JLG reconditioning program, in addition to helping the circular economy by giving second life to JLG machines, is about flexibility. It offers customers many options to create the right fleet mix to meet their specific business needs, particularly in fluctuating market conditions. 

Simply put: It gives customers the opportunity to invest in high-quality reconditioned, like-new JLG stock machines for less than the cost of a new equipment purchase. 

Interested in learning more about how JLG factory-trained experts restore its machines to like-new condition to offer help the environment and offer customers a great alternative to buying new? Get more details about the program by clicking here. 

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Long Material Can Be Handled Easily and More Safely with a Heavy Duty Spreader Bar

A safe and convenient attachment for handling rebar and rebar cages. A popular attachment with metal building erectors. Used for handling long metal building beams as well as sheet metal roofing and siding. Universal Fit - “slip-on-forks” - Designed for use with rough terrain forklifts, either straight mast or extendable reach. It comes equipped with fork pockets that will accept up to 7” wide x 3” thick forks.

Learn more at: http://starindustries.com/