Parker Hydraulic Hose and Assemblies

Parker manufactures the world’s largest offering of rubber and thermoplastic hydraulic hoses in the marketplace today. The leader in motion and control technologies, at Parker we put our industry known engineering expertise into every hydraulic hose we manufacture. With our global manufacturing locations Parker has the hydraulic hose for your application available when and where you need. Parker offers hydraulic hose that meets SAE, DIN, ISO and MSHA standards. Parker’s hydraulic hose includes such features as constant working pressures, low expansion, low temperature and high temperature applications. Parker’s hydraulic hose is used in mobile, agricultural, industrial, rail, refrigeration and aviation applications. And, Parker is known for being innovative. Parker is the only manufacturer to offer high pressure spiral hydraulic hose with the flexibility found in a braided style. With the most abrasion resistant covers today, Parker hydraulic hose can withstand even the harshest of working environment. Parker, the leader in hydraulic hoses and assemblies.


Get More for Your Money and Grow Your Business by Purchasing Used Equipment


Buying used equipment can be a smart way to reduce investment cost and increase profit margins. It can also be a way to take advantage of lower equipment costs when tailoring a rental fleet to meet the immediate needs of the market, which may include some specialized machines that were previously unaffordable.

Equipment is what makes you money in this industry, but you can make a lot more money faster if you can lower your acquisition cost on a piece of machinery. In the long run, this means having the ability to supply equipment on more jobs at a more competitive price.

To determine if now is the right time to invest in “new” used equipment, doing a simple acquisition cost versus utilization rate analysis is key. Some questions to consider are:
  •     Will this piece of equipment allow your customers to do more specialized jobs?
  •     Will it allow your customers to do their current projects more quickly and efficiently?
  •      Will having this piece of equipment allow you to supply equipment to projects that your competitors are not able to?
All of these questions will help you determine if buying used is a better option than new.

Inspect before you buy

To reduce the risk associated with purchasing a piece of used equipment, it is important to do an inspection of the machine before making a purchase. The degree of the inspection largely depends on the age of the machine and the reputation of the seller. An appropriate inspection of the machine should expose any potential problems or money pitfalls.

For newer machines, a routine/basic inspection should be sufficient, including the condition of the battery, tires, hoses and wear pads, as well as looking for leaks and signs of damage or unusual wear and tear. For older machines with higher hours, fluid samples should be taken to check for any contaminants or system problems. The thoroughness of the inspection should also be adjusted based on the type of equipment and the weather and geographical conditions the machine has been exposed to. The more severe the environment, the more thorough the inspection needs to be.

Photography of the Terex AL 5 Light Tower with Vertical Mast option, at the facility in Rock Hill, SC. Photo by: PatrickSchneiderPhoto.comUp-to-date maintenance records will also give a good indication of the condition of the equipment. Manufacturers, larger rental houses and auction houses should have service records, but if these records are unavailable — which may be the case when purchasing from a smaller distributor — the internet is a great resource for owner’s manuals and consumer reports. With used equipment, you don’t get a manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s up to you to do a thorough inspection and determine if the used piece of equipment is worth the risk of possibly incurring problems down the road. It could be that you are better off just going with new and mitigating that risk.

If you do your homework before you go shopping, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision.

When to walk away from a deal

Although the price tag on a piece of used equipment may be appealing, there are certain situations when the deal may just be too good to be true. If you’ve done your homework, you should have an idea about what kind of condition a machine should be in, in order for it to run properly. Then you need to decide at what point will your repair cost exceed your budget? You don’t ever want to put more money into a piece of equipment than you’re going to get out of it.

Ask the seller lots of questions. If the owner can’t answer basic questions about the machine history, it might be a good idea to continue shopping. Also, be sure to take the product serial number into a local distributor to have them verify update and recall information on the machine. With older machines you also need to find out if the manufacturer even supports that particular model anymore. It might end up costing you more to replace parts if the manufacturer no longer supports it, not to mention the additional time it’ll take you to hunt down the part you need.

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TECH TIP - Pressure Washing and Electronics

A rugged job site can make pressure washing your machines a necessity, but today’s lifts are equipped with sophisticated electronics that can be sensitive to pressure and water. Beyond avoiding washing electrical or electronic components, JLG Industries recommends the following in the event that you need to wash an area containing sensitive components:

•       Use a maximum pressure of 750 psi (52 BAR)
•       Maintain a minimum distance of 12 inches away from these components
•       Avoid directly spraying components, and limit any secondary water exposure to brief periods to avoid saturation


Genie Genuine Parts

Our customers can depend on Genie Genuine Parts. Learn about how Genie can assist you with your parts needs.


JOIN US : First Anniversary Bash! - 100+ Women Who Care about Solano County

Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Hiddenbrooke Golf Club
1095 Hiddenbrooke Parkway
Vallejo, California

I-80 Forklift President, Michelle Strand, is a proud member and supporter of this great organization giving back to the local community in Solano County.

This meeting will include:

  •     Longer cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres

  •     Representatives from our winning non-profits

  •     A review from CASA of Solano County and a surprise gift!

This meeting will support SANE-SART, which provides administrative services.


As a whole, 100+ Women Who Care about Solano County has learned that INDIVIDUALLY we are strong but AS A WHOLE we are MUCH STRONGER AND MAKING A GREATER IMPACT!

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Ground Support Keeps Your Machines up and Running : JLG

Learn about the technical support services, parts and world-class training offered through JLG® Ground Support. Also, take a tour of our new training center and proving grounds, which includes a multi-bay service training area and virtual equipment simulator.


Need to have your forklift license to apply or start that new job??? Next Class September 8, 2016 @ 8:00am!

If so, then you are in the right spot. We provide ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved Operator Safety Training for Forklift Certification. We are here to help you get the certifications necessary to fit your employer's requirements.

Next Scheduled Class will be Tuesday, September 8th, 2016 @ 8:00am

Call Michelle for details and pricing at 707.451.5100


I-80 Forklift will fix your forklift right the first time so you can get back to work.

Based in Solano County, centrally located between the Bay Area and Sacramento, Interstate 80 Forklift is your top choice for all your forklift needs. Interstate 80 Forklift offers competitive pricing on new and used forklifts. As well we have a large inventory of parts ready to ship or be installed. We employ top-notch mechanics who are experienced and ready to serve you.

Repairs and servicing can also be done in our shop conveniently located in Vacaville, California. We also supply new, used or recap tires.

NEW!!! Running a night shift that is using a forklift? Don't get behind schedule because of an unexpected break-down. Let Interstate 80 Forklift be your back-up plan. Call and schedule an "on-call" mechanic for those off hour times.

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