Need to Hoist Materials? Consider Using a Telehandler Instead of a Crane


For example, by switching out these tools, telehandlers can be used for more than just lifting applications — they excel at hoisting (and material handling) tasks too when equipped with a boom-mounted lifting lug attachment (also referred to as hooks or clevises). This type of attachment allows operators to put a chain or straps through it to efficiently handle suspended loads (aka hoist materials). 

Because they are purpose-built to move heavy objects with great maneuverability, using a telehandler for this type of material handling work is often more cost-effective than bringing in a crane. Let’s take a closer look at how…

What different considerations go into selecting a telehandler for hoisting or material handling versus lifting?

The most important thing to do before selecting a telehandler for hoisting or material handling is knowing two things: 1) what is the work that needs to be completed, and 2) where will that work be done. 

This starts with calculating the “maximum pick” that the machine will need to handle, which can be done in three steps: 

Identify the maximum weight of the load that needs to be lifted and handled (i.e. how heavy is the heaviest object/material that needs to be picked up). Make sure the telehandler has enough capacity to support all of the lifts.

Figure out the maximum angle the machine needs to be able to lift and place the load (i.e. what’s the furthest up, over and/or out that the telehandler needs to reach). It is important to know how much space is available on the job site for maneuvering and positioning the load. Depending on the site, trade-offs may need to be made when selecting a telehandler’s size versus its capacity. Space restrictions will influence not only the size of the telehandler but also the style. For example, if the machine needs to feed the material from a stationary position, similar to how a crane would perform on-site, a rotating telehandler should be considered. JLG® rotating telehandlers provide 360-degrees of rotation from one spot. To learn more, check out these resources: Rotating Telehandlers: A Unique Equipment Solution and Rotating Telehandlers Lift, Extend and Rotate.

Determine the maximum height that the load needs to be placed (i.e. how high does the load need to be lifted)

Armed with these measurements, users can then refer to machine load charts to guide them in selecting the appropriate telehandler. It is important to note that all telehandler attachments have their own load chart, which should always be referenced before use.

Once a model is chosen, it’s important to consider what attachments are needed to complete the work. Telehandlers are called “tool carriers” for a reason — they can handle a wide range of hoisting and material handling applications because of the large variety of attachments they can be equipped with, from buckets, carriages and truss booms/lift hooks to specialty attachments like tire handlers. 

Understanding the nature of the work to be accomplished and the capabilities of each type of attachment the machine can be fitted with is crucial to safe and efficient use. This means knowing whether a load needs to be picked or placed. Does the job require loose material to be scooped or a load suspended? Does the operator need to grapple loose material or pipes? Answering these questions will help owners/operators select the appropriate size and type of attachments needed.

The final step in selecting a telehandler is to know where the machine will be working and to understand what the job site conditions will be during operation. For example, will the machine be working on undeveloped surfaces like dirt or rocky soil, or on finished surfaces like turf or concrete? This information helps to determine what tires are needed on the machine — foam-filled/solid tires are great for undeveloped terrain, and non-marking tires or turf tires will be needed in developed areas to protect the ground.

Also, consider what options the machine should have to keep operators safe and productive during long hours in the cab. For instance, will he/she need an enclosed cab equipped with heat and air conditioning? Depending on the climate and the time of year, this choice is very important. Will he/she need to work before the sun comes up or after it goes down? If so, getting a model with work lights is necessary. When working in heavily congested areas, beacons should be considered.


Do you need to have your forklift certification to apply or start that new job?

Complying with the new ANSI standards isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. When four recruits show up to boot camp, Sgt. McConnell lays out exactly what they need to learn. Watch the full miniseries to ensure you’ll be ANSI compliant in time. Explore JLG® Boot Camp infographics, guides and other resources at https://www.jlg.com/en/destination/ansi


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SkyTrak telehandlers have been your go-to workhorses on the job site for years, and now, they’re getting an upgrade. The all-new 6034 and redesigned 6042 are packed with exciting features inspired by the way you work. See how these 6,000-lb models help you efficiently handle building materials with the flexibility to move between job sites quickly. See the full SkyTrak lineup here: https://www.jlg.com/en/equipment/tele...


Leading Innovation: How JLG Is Redefining the Future of Jobsite Technology

As leaders in the access industry, JLG relentlessly pushes the boundaries of technological advancement and integration. Our vision extends beyond the conventional, striving to enhance jobsite safety and operational efficiency while boosting productivity. Discover the JLG® difference and browse equipment at https://www.jlg.com/


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Fundamentals of Fall Protection - Full Length Training Course

Click the link to view our free online training course: https://osha.oregon.gov/edu/courses/P... 🔴 Subscribe for more free Occupational Safety and Health tips:    / @oregonosha   This is a great video to use in your company's fall protection training. It will help people to become more aware of fall hazards and how to alleviate them. Chapter Selection 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:29:00 - Getting Started 00:44:50 - Options 01:03:42 - Demonstrations 01:48:33 - Training 01:57:30 - Conclusion #OregonOSHA #workingatheights


NEW JLG® 670SJ Self-Leveling Boom: Product Demonstration

Repositioning, cribbing, wasted time – prepare to put these pain points and more in the past. Unveiled and demonstrated at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, watch how the new JLG® 670SJ Self-Leveling Boom eliminates the need for perfectly level terrain on the job site, helping you save time, increase productivity and, ultimately, contribute more to your bottom line.


Save Time and Money with the JLG® Bolt-On Fall Arrest System

Work around and up to 6 ft away from your boom lift platform with the new Bolt-On Fall Arrest System from JLG. A cost-effective alternative to buying a whole new boom platform, this system consists of two large steel brackets securing a 6-ft cable with a ring that can move from one end of the cable to the other. Attaching the lanyard to the ring improves maneuverability and allows the operator to perform tasks outside of the platform.

Learn more: https://www.jlg.com/en/news-events/pr...


The JLG Reconditioning Process: From Teardown to the Job Site

While the reconditioning process may take approximately 11 days before it’s ready to ship, we’ve sped it up in this time lapse. Take a fascinating look at the reconditioning process – from when a machine is received and torn down only to be rebuilt like new again.


Presenting ClearSky Smart Fleet™, a bold, new frontier in fleet management from JLG

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Cash, Lease or Finance – Options to Purchase Your Rental Fleet

Equipment acquisition decisions are more involved than just picking which models to stock in your rental fleet. They also include your plan on how to purchase that equipment. Whether you chose to buy or lease, you need to understand all your options to pay for your rental fleet and chose which one is best for your business.

Click here to learn more: https://www.genielift.com/en/aerialpros/financing-rental-fleet

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SkyTrak telehandlers have been your go-to workhorses on the job site for years, and now, they’re getting an upgrade. The all-new 6034 and redesigned 6042 are packed with exciting features inspired by the way you work. See how these 6,000-lb models help you efficiently handle building materials with the flexibility to move between job sites quickly. See the full SkyTrak lineup here: https://www.jlg.com/en/equipment/tele...


I-80 Forklift Parts Department Tour

Rick from I80 forklift gives a tour of their parts department. Having one of the largest in California, they can save you time and money for your repairs. See more at http://www.i80forklift.com


Bigger Made Better: Meet the New JLG® 2733 High-Capacity Telehandler

Introducing our most powerful telehandler yet. The new 2733 high-capacity telehandler pairs a 26,600-lb max capacity and 33-ft max lift height with a class-leading turning radius and smart technology. Check out the features and specs on this can’t-miss piece of equipment: jlg.com/BIGTIME


JLG® Tow-Pro® Drive and Set Option: Do It All from the Platform

Watch as an operator uses the new drive and set option on a JLG® towable boom lift to reposition the machine, drive it in the stowed position and set/retract outriggers—all without leaving the platform. Available on the JLG® Tow-Pro T350 and T500J towable lifts.


Toucan Overview

Learn how to conduct a proper function check with boom controls. The function check ensures all functions operate smoothly with precise control. It provides the opportunity to visually inspect items that cannot be seen during the walk around, like boom sections and extendable axles. Some tips you’ll see include: Ensure the machine is on a firm, level surface in an area free of obstructions and that there is no load in the platform. Make sure there’s enough clearance around the machine and platform to safely operate all functions. The turntable lock should be disengaged. Always start with the ground controls.


Forklift Safety - 8 Rules - Avoid Accidents & Injuries - Safe Forklift Operation Starts with You!

More than 11% of forklifts in use today will be involved in accidents every year. Most result in less than serious injuries, but more than 35,000 workers will be killed or seriously injured. Forklift accidents are preventable! Accident prevention starts with comprehensive driver training. It continues with constant refreshers and reminders to follow important safety rules. Even experienced drivers can forget the basic safety rules that they should be following. Things like the stability triangle, forklift inspections, seatbelts and other important safety considerations in powered industrial truck operations. In this safety video we cover 8 safety rules that all forklift operators must follow at all times while on a forklift or other powered industrial truck. It is also important that everyone who works around powered industrial trucks become familiar with the safety rules. Pedestrian accidents are the number two cause of fatalities involving forklifts and other powered industrial trucks. Other people who work around these trucks should know the 8 safety rules we cover in this video. New safety videos are made available on a regular basis. Click here to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/safetyme... Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Powered industrial trucks, 29CFR1910.178 https://www.osha.gov/pls/oshaweb/owad... Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) http://www.bls.gov/iif/oshcfoi1.htm



AccessReady app
The AccessReady program includes an exclusive app that lets you track all your machine familiarizations and produce your credentials on demand. It’s available on both Apple and Android devices.

Plus, when you register for AccessReady, you can immediately view the user-friendly portal. Select the type of machine you want to be trained on, and the map will populate with instructors. Then, click on a pin to see the instructor’s name and contact information.

Follow to this link: https://www.jlg.com/en/destination/accessready?Cookie=language&utm_source=Godfrey%20Ingage%20eMail%20Marketing%20Manager&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=https://www.jlg.com/en/destination/accessready&utm_campaign=[Tech%20Tip]%20Use%20the%20JLG%20checklist%20to%20inspect%20and%20repair%20water-damaged%20equipment


I-80 In-House Trucking Service

I-80 Forklift In-house trucking service is Open for Service -California compliant and our RGN Cozad  35 ton air-tail trailer will provide fast and efficient loading and unloading.

  • We have the ability to transport 59,000 lbs.
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JLG is a leading supplier of access equipment, including various man lifts, telehandlers and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP)—formerly called aerial work platforms (AWP). An aerial work platform can help you reach tasks at height with enhanced safety and greater productivity, whether you need to access work at 8 ft or 185 

Learn more at: https://www.jlg.com/en/equipment

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Tour the JLG® High-Capacity 2733 Telehandler

The JLG® high-capacity 2733 telehandler helps you lower project costs by delaying or eliminating the need for wheel loaders in certain applications. Its 26,600-lb capacity allows it to tackle heavy loads, while advanced technology and a best-in-class cab enhance the operator experience. Watch the video to see how this telehandler brings more versatility to industries like construction, wind, oil and gas, mining and more. Get the full specs at https://www.jlg.com/en/equipment/tele..


2024 Leaven Kids Golf Tournament


Interstate 80 Forklift was proud to be involved and sponsor a hole for the 2024 Leaven Kids Golf Tournament at Green Valley Country Club on April 29th.

Learn more about Leaven Kids and the work they do in our community.



You may have heard the words “circular economy” mentioned recently and wondered why?

It’s a phrase being used in the equipment industry right now to promote the idea of manufacturing or producing machinery in a sustainable or environmentally friendly way. 

It is also the terminology being applied to the concept of recycling or reusing construction machinery to promote ongoing sustainability. Some OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), like JLG, have implemented reconditioning programs, which repair, restore and recirculate existing machines into the market, to meet sustainability targets in the circular economy. 

Equipment reconditioning programs are not new to the industry. In fact, JLG launched its program more than 25 years ago. Yet, there still is a lot of confusion about what it is, and what it is not. 

Let’s take a look at eight frequently asked questions about reconditioned equipment and how JLG’s program benefits the circular economy...

1. What is reconditioned equipment?

To best understand what reconditioned equipment is, it’s important to understand exactly what reconditioning entails. And, that definition differs among OEMs. For some, reconditioning is simply putting new paint and tires on a machine. 

For others, including JLG, reconditioning programs follow strict guidelines to rebuild machines to like-new condition.

2. What is included in the reconditioning process?

The JLG reconditioning program is designed to adhere to the same guidelines as new equipment manufacturing. It is more than just a paint job because repairing and restoring reconditioned machines to their original specifications must be a complete process to give them new life, inside and out.  

To bring back JLG equipment to the initial machine specifications of the model from its original manufacture date, our extensive reconditioning process includes:

  • Units are completely torn down and inspected
  • Major sub-assemblies are verified for structural integrity
  • All components are tagged and re-associated with the original serial-numbered machine
  • Powertrain is inspected and resealed or rebuilt, as needed
  • All wiring harnesses and hydraulic hoses are replaced
  • New wire rope kit is installed

Once a machine is returned to “like new” condition through the reconditioning process, JLG requires that it be able to pass the required ANSI annual machine inspection, which includes a thorough evaluation of four major components (as applicable by model): 1) Electrical system, 2) Hydraulic system, 3) Drive train and 4) Structural components, as well as meet other applicable ANSI standards.  All of JLG’s reconditioned machines come with a standard 3-yr warranty. This commitment to detail ensures that JLG reconditioned units are ready to go straight from the facility to the job site.

3. How long does it take to do a complete machine reconditioning? 

JLG’s reconditioning process and facility are extremely efficient, and a machine can usually be reconditioned in 2-3 weeks. The exact amount of time to recondition a machine depends on the machine itself. Factors that influence this include its size, the condition of the machine and the availability of parts needed to return the equipment to the original specifications of its manufacture date.

4. Does JLG recondition all of its machines?

JLG’s program is currently available on 40 ft and above IC (internal combustion) boom lifts.

5. Is there a limit as to how many times a machine can be rebuilt?

There is no limit to how many times a machine can be reconditioned. That said, over time a machine’s technology and components will become outdated, even obsolete, and at that point, either JLG or our customers may decide that it is no longer feasible to continue to invest in reconditioning the machine. 

6. Who buys reconditioned equipment?

Customers who purchase JLG reconditioned machines are often looking to grow and manage their fleets with lower-cost equipment investments in higher-quality, higher-value products. 

7. How much money can customers save with a reconditioned unit compared with buying a new machine?

Cost savings vary by machine, but it is estimated that a reconditioned machine offers 25-35% cost savings over purchasing new.  

8. Why does JLG offer a reconditioning program?

From new production through reconditioning, JLG is able to deliver the whole spectrum of equipment, helping customers expand their fleets to include the products they want and need — meeting their business goals in every way possible. 

Since its launch in 1997, JLG’s reconditioning program has grown through all economic conditions, regardless of the market conditions (supply chain constraints, looming recession, etc). The JLG reconditioning program, in addition to helping the circular economy by giving second life to JLG machines, is about flexibility. It offers customers many options to create the right fleet mix to meet their specific business needs, particularly in fluctuating market conditions. 

Simply put: It gives customers the opportunity to invest in high-quality reconditioned, like-new JLG stock machines for less than the cost of a new equipment purchase. 

Interested in learning more about how JLG factory-trained experts restore its machines to like-new condition to offer help the environment and offer customers a great alternative to buying new? Get more details about the program by clicking here. 

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Repairs and servicing can also be done in our shop conveniently located in Vacaville, California. We also supply new, used or recap tires.

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Tour Our Compact, Maneuverable E18 Series Vertical Lifts

Our E18 Series offers two great choices for job sites that require highly maneuverable, durable, productivity-maximizing vertical lifts. With a higher capacity than the leading competitor and a wide array of time-saving features and functionality, the E18 Series helps you easily navigate even the most congested job sites. Watch the product walk-around to see how these lightweight vertical lifts can transform the way you work. Learn more about the E18 MML at https://www.jlg.com/en/equipment/vert... Learn more about the E18 MCL at https://www.jlg.com/en/equipment/vert...


ClearSky Smart Fleet - ACTIONABLE DATA FOR REAL-WORLD ROI - by Ara Eckel, Director of Product Management, JLG


ClearSky Smart Fleet

When I explain how and why we developed ClearSky Smart Fleet™, I always mention the need for it to provide actionable data. But what exactly is “actionable data?” And why is it so important?

Actionable data is information that you can easily and effectively use. Throughout our development process, we learned that everybody views actionable data differently. What's actionable for me might not be actionable for you.

That’s why everything on the ClearSky Smart Fleet portal is completely customizable. You can change your entire layout to match your preferences. You can save dashboards in different views. That makes it simple to save a sales dashboard or service dashboard, for example, to see the most relevant data for various elements of fleet management.

And, with the help of ClearSky Fleet Smart’s mobile app, you can directly interact with the machines near you to get that data. Because we’ve standardized connectivity hardware with your new machine purchase, you can simply use your mobile device’s Bluetooth capability to accomplish so many tasks. Here are just a few examples:

Finding the Right Machine. To locate a particular machine, you can simply use the “Detect” feature on the app and light up the machine you’re looking for or beep its horn or both, with the option of an added audio cue. At JLG, we use this capability just like our customers do. We need to account for a specific machine on a lot where hundreds of identical models are stored. Instead of walking from unit to unit and looking at every single serial number, we can use the ClearSky Smart Fleet app to honk the machine’s horn or turn on its lights within seconds.

Machine Status. With the embedded IoT system now integrated into the standard machine control system, insights can be quickly and directly delivered to many more groups across a rental organization than telematics has ever done.  

Say I’m a fuel truck driver, and I show up at a site where I’m supposed to “refuel the telehandler.” But there are 20 of them, and I don’t know which one needs fuel. Another simple yet highly impactful status is if you’ve plugged in your scissor lifts. This quick status check can make or break the productivity of tomorrow for the expensive workforce relying on delivering rent-ready equipment to their customers. This technology tells you within seconds with a visual status color indication. The same goes for a service tech or a branch manager. It’s an example of how we’ve expanded the concept of telematics into real-world applications that provide greater ROI.

Coming Soon: Next-level Fleet Information & Interactivity. Traditional telematics has geofencing capabilities, and typically, those geofences are all shapes and sizes because no two job sites are identical. To geofence multiple machines on a job site, you must first assign a location to each machine individually when it arrives and remove it when it leaves, which is tedious. People tend not to use the geofencing feature simply because of that fact.

To make geofencing easier with ClearSky Smart Fleet, JLG leverages an automated Bluetooth mesh network of interactivity between all units that are present. As machines are delivered, move around a job site and come into contact with each other, they automatically create or join an existing site network which is now filterable. That means our customers can get job-site-level interactions, branch-level interactions and more. The machines create their own site network geofence border that changes from moment to moment as they move around, basically automating the geofencing process.

Online Express. If you’re a JLG owner or operator, you may already be familiar with our Online Express aftermarket e-commerce site. It’s where you go if you want to purchase a part, learn about your machine’s service needs, find parts manuals and so on. Now, we’ve integrated that functionality into ClearSky Smart Fleet.

Say you’re a service technician and you get a diagnostic trouble code of 2634, which refers to issues with a foot switch. What do you do with that info? With ClearSky Smart Fleet, you can click on the knowledge article that accompanies that trouble code. You’ll also get links to the recommended parts to fix the foot switch. You can click on those links and add the parts to your shopping cart right there in the app. This type of intuitive, integrated experience is what ClearSky Smart Fleet is all about.