Universal Fit Lift Hooks

 MODEL 1370B   10,000 lb. lift capacity
 MODEL 1371B   12,000 lb. lift capacity

    Slides on the forks and is pinned behind the heel to secure it to the forklift.
    Fork Pockets accept up to 7" wide by 2¾" thick forks
    and are spread to 34" on center for operator convenience
    Overall dimensions: 42"W x 12"H x 28½"L

Meets/Exceeds OSHA&ANSIrequirements   
lift suspended loads
            safely and securely.

Designed to utilize the full capacity of your forklift. The hook point is located at the standard 24" load center where most forklifts are rated. Can be used with both straight-mast and extendable-reach forklifts.

Heavy Duty  Swivel hook with latch and screw pin anchor shackle are included.

Rugged Heavy Duty Construction ensures long term durability.

Find out more at: http://www.starindustries.com/LiftHook.htm

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