How forklifts can make construction and renovation projects easier

Projects such as constructions and renovations need a lot of skills and expertise from all who are involved. From engineers, architects to construction workers, having a smooth and fluid movement from planning to execution will ensure that the projects will be done easier. Completing the project on time and within budget is also something to keep in mind.

To do this successfully each time, it is important to have the right tools and the right equipment to go along with having the best people to do the job in construction and renovation. This makes sure that all the processes needed for the projects will go as planned. Among the best equipment to have for construction and renovation projects are forklifts. Here, you’ll learn about the top benefits of having one and using them to make the job much easier.

What are Forklifts?

A forklift is a kind of machinery that is best used for lifting and moving around heavy objects around. Construction materials are one example of things that need to be moved from location to location in a construction site. Having a forklift allows the construction workers to move the needed materials from one place to the next with ease.

Doing so increases the productivity of the workers while decreasing the time spent on such tasks. It also benefits the workers because with forklifts, the body doesn’t have to be put on so much strain because of lifting heavy materials and other objects on site.

Types of Forklifts

There are at least three kinds of forklifts. Each of these types serves a number of various purposes. One is the internal combustion forklifts which are used mostly for outdoor functions. They can either be powered by propane, diesel, or gasoline. And as such, they emit exhaust gases so it is not recommended to use them indoors. For construction, this can be an option since construction sites are open spaces.

The second type is electric forklifts. These are best used indoors since they rely on batteries for power. Electric forklifts are also reasonably cost-effective as compared to the first type. It is best used for warehouses and factories.

The third type is manual forklifts. These are non-motorized so you cannot expect them to be as versatile as the first two. Their load capacity is quite low compared to the gas-powered and electric forklifts. For the best performance, gas-powered forklifts are recommended for construction projects. If cost is a factor, then electric forklifts can also do the work.

Benefits of Using a Forklift

Added Safety

Before forklifts were invented, most of the materials used for construction and renovation projects were lifted and moved using a system of pulleys, cables, and ropes. Also, sheer human strength was necessary to do the task. Construction workers relied heavily on their own capacity to lift materials from one spot to the next. This made the site very unsafe for workers. By using forklifts, less risk is involved when it comes to performing such tasks like lifting and moving materials.

Easy to Maneuver

Workers will find that it is easy to learn how to use a forklift. It is compact and not very intimidating and complicated like other heavy equipment machineries. Turning in different directions can be done with ease, and forklifts can fit even in tight areas where the materials should be placed. Also, most forklifts can handle about 35,000 pounds of weight. Smaller ones can accommodate up to 5,000 pounds. Choosing the kind of forklift depends on the kind of projects that you handle.

Speeds Up the Process

Having a forklift not only makes moving things around easier, it also makes the overall process faster. In construction projects, it’s a race against time. Things have to be done within the given time frame or else the clients will be disappointed, to say the least. Time is money and if things take time, it will also cost more. So, having a forklift around during construction or renovation can greatly increase the speed of the process when working on such projects.

One-time Investment with Long-term Benefits

Once you find a forklift for sale and have assessed that the unit you’re looking at is good and fits the needs of your project, you should definitely acquire one. It may cost you money but consider it as a one-time investment but with long-term benefits. Even used forklifts for sale can do the job if your budget is below what’s needed for a brand new unit.

Final Thoughts

Having a forklift can certainly give you plenty of benefits. Your construction and renovation projects will have a smoother process. It will be much easier for the construction workers to get things done as well. And you can spend less time for each project because you know that having a forklift means that things can be done much easier and faster.

Source: https://constructionlinks.ca/news/forklifts-can-make-construction-renovation-projects-easier/



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Safe Use Standard


 ANSI A92.22 & CSA B354.7

This standard governs the safe use of MEWPs by specifying proper application, inspection, training, maintenance, repair and safe operation. One of the main requirements is developing a safe use program to guide MEWP use as it relates to job site safety.

Whats Changed

Step 1:
To develop an effective safe use program that complies with new requirements, it’s important to perform a site risk assessment before starting a job. This assessment should:
  • Define the task, location and timing of the work
  • Inform MEWP selection
  • Evaluate MEWP-related, job-specific and additional risks
  • Identify controls like proper training and rescue planning

Step 2: Once a safety plan has been developed, it should be shared with everyone who will be on site during the work. The updated standards outline new requirements for many roles as they relate to a safe use program.
  • Operator: Is trained and authorized to operate the MEWP
  • Occupant: Has knowledge of MEWP use and safety, including fall protection systems
  • Supervisor: Monitors use of MEWP to ensure safety plan is followed
  • Technician: Performs MEWP maintenance in line with manufacturer’s requirements
Learn more at:  https://www.jlg.com/en/destination/ansi/safe-use


Supervisor Training Courses through JLG University

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Commonly Used Forklift Attachments

Commonly used fork lift attachments typically include a wide variety of attachments that serve a wide variety of purposes. This article will discuss a few of the more common examples which include side shifters, carton clamps, slip sheet attachments, multipurpose clamps, carpet poles, fork conditioners, roll clamps, and many more. Once you have finished this article you will have a thorough knowledge of each of these add-on parts.

The side shifter is one of the more commonly used fork lift attachments and it is a hydraulic attachment that allows for the lateral movement of the forks and backrest. This way the operator may place a load without having to move the truck in many cases. There is also the rotator which aids in the handling of tilted skids and special needs for the handling of certain materials. As the name suggests, it allows the tines to be rotated, which can also make dumping containers easier as well.

If you are someone who is constantly loading and unloading cargo of various sizes, then an automatic fork positioner may be one of the used fork lift attachments you have been waiting for. It is a hydraulic attachment that moves the tines together and apart without the operator having to constantly get in and out of the truck to reposition them manually.

Another one of the more useful attachments you may want to consider when looking for used fork lift attachments is the roll and barrel clip attachment. This piece of machinery is made to squeeze any material you are carrying, such as a barrel or paper roll, to make it easier to carry. Sometimes it is paired with a rotator as well, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to insert vertically stacked rolls of paper into the horizontal feed of a printing press.

Poles are also used fork lift attachments that are most often found in environments such as carpet warehouses. They can be used instead of forks to pick up and move large rolls of carpet quickly and efficiently. The clamp attachment is used to open and close around an object the operator is carrying which squeezes to pick it up.

It is most often used for the transportation of boxes, cartons and bales. The slip sheet attachment acts in a similar fashion except it uses a slip sheet to load off the forks. The drum handler attachment, as the name suggests, is used for the loading and unloading of drums by using a spring loaded jaw that grips the top of them.

These are just a few examples of the many different optional attachments that you will run into when looking at various used forklift attachments [http://www.usedforkliftguide.com/used-fork-lift-attachments.html]. The better you can understand the different attachments that are available, the easier your job will become as you can find the perfect attachment to help you move many different types of objects.

Pieter West travels the world on a regular basis and have written about numerous subjects. He has an extensive knowledge about, finances, DIY, parenting advice and many more subjects. You can find more of Pieter's articles regarding used forklifts at [http://www.usedforkliftguide.com/]

 By: Pieter West

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Pieter_West/369866

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  •  Right-side mount engine provides enhanced visibility
  • Ergonomic operator’s station features tiltable steering wheel, single-lever joystick control, and new gauge and switch packages.
  • Standard Dana Axels
  • Standard features include: a Quick-Attach system, low-profile tires, fenders (set of 4), rigging storage compartment, and lift shackle at boom tip
  • Proportional frame-leveling chassis — pick up or place loads on up to 10˚ side slopes
  • Multi-function proportional joystick control for fast, precise load positioning
  • Three selectable steering modes: front-wheel, coordinated and crab steer
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Turbocharged diesel engine
  • 3-speed forward and reverse Powershift transmission
  • High-efficiency/variable displacement hydraulic pump
  • ROPS/FOPS canopy (ISO compliant)
  • High output LED light package options
  • Rear Proximity Alarm options


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