I80 Forklift Team at the 2016 Loop the Lagoon Race, Vacaville

Rick and Michelle and the I80 Forklift team participated in the 13th Annual Loop the Lagoon Family Fun Run -  5K race on Saturday, May 7, 2016 again on May 9th, 2015 in the Loop the Lagoon 5K race.

Find out more about the Loop the Lagoon Race at: http://www.loopthelagoon.com/


JLG Reconditioning Program

Watch this interview with Todd Earley, Director of Sales - Remarketing, to learn more about our reconditioning program.


Hope Starts Here - Convoy of Hope

Interstate 80 Forklift volunteered their time and equipment in this years' Convoy of Hope.  We were truly blessed to be a part of such a worthy event that touched thousands of lives that day.  


Genie Foundation: Safety and Training

For fifty years Genie has provided education, support and solutions that fleet owners, employers and operators depend on to help protect their investment and livelihood.


Product Walk Around: Z 60 37DC & FE Articulating Boom

Choose from either an all electric boom the Z™-60/37DC or a fuel electric hybrid the Z™-60/37FE. Both machines are ideal for outdoor and indoor applications, such as construction sites, sports arenas, malls, manufacturing facilities, and even challenging pedestrian areas with the demand for low noise and clean performance. Genie articulating Z™ booms provide lifting versatility with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities. Take a look at the new Z-60 DC & FE in depth with this walk around


Parker's Compact Spiral Hose Innovative Product Showcase

The Compact Spiral Hose represents a revolutionary breakthrough in industrial hose manufacturing technology. This hose is lighter, stronger, more flexible and lasts longer than any other hose on the market.


What Does it Take?

Staying in business for 50 years is much more than just building a good product, it's all about taking care of our customers because without you, the best product in the world wouldn't matter.

We asked Genie customers at The Rental Show 2016 what it takes to make 50 years a success.


The LiftPod by JLG Holds the Load

The LiftPod® features a platform weight capacity of 330 pounds, while the attachable work tray holds up to 35 pounds of tools and materials.


Benefits of Using a Forklift Rental

For any business that has a warehouse, having a forklift on hand is an essential piece of equipment needed on a daily basis. The easiest way to move items around the warehouse and move new shipments from the loading dock into the warehouse is with a forklift. While it may be tempting to buy a brand new forklift for your business, there are some additional benefits associated with renting a forklift that should be considered before making your purchase.

Using a forklift rental can save you a lot of money, especially if you are a new business that might not have the luxury of a large operating budget. Brand new forklifts can become quite expensive, which is why you should consider using a forklift rental. If you do not have a large budget, using a forklift rental is a good way to cut back on some of your expenses.

Forklift rentals can be much more practical than buying a brand new forklift. If you are a type of business that only has an occasional need for a forklift, then you should definitely consider using a forklift rental. This will allow you to only pay for the forklift whenever you absolutely need it. If you were purchase a new forklift, your machine would just sit in the corner of the warehouse when it is not being used and take up valuable space. When you only need to use a forklift sparingly, it is recommended that you use a forklift rental, and pay much less money in the long run.

Another benefit of using a forklift rental is the lack of maintenance that you will need to perform on the forklift. Just like any other machine forklifts break down when they are used excessively. When a forklift breaks down you will have to spend time and money on the repairs, which increases the costs of owning your own forklift. However, when you use a forklift rental, you will not have to pay for this maintenance work and will be able to let the owner worry about fixing any broken parts. The lack of additional work associated with renting a forklift makes this a very appealing option rather than owning your own forklift.

If you are considering purchasing your own forklift to use in your company's warehouse, you should stop and consider the benefits of renting a forklift before you make your purchase. It is a fact that renting a forklift can be much cheaper than buying your own machine. This is especially true if you do not have a great demand for a forklift during your daily routine. If you only need the services of a forklift a couple of times per month, it is a much wiser business decision to rent a forklift instead of purchasing one. Also, the fact that you do not need to perform any maintenance on a rental forklift means you will be able to save a lot of time and money that you would not be able to if you had bought your own forklift. By carefully considering these benefits associated with renting a forklift, you may be able to save yourself some extra money in the process.

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“Building the Future” – Genie Pioneers 50 Years of Innovations

Written by Brad Allen, Vice President – Engineering, Product Management & Marketing

Marking half a century of serving aerial markets around the world, Genie is celebrating our five-decade legacy of “Building the Future” through industry leadership and innovation this year. Since 1966, Genie has been working to develop products that solve your worksite challenges — and that process never ends. Our team of product managers and engineers is constantly using your input to design new products, featuring the latest technology to meet changing needs. Then, we manufacture those products to stringent standards that help increase quality, lower costs and give you exceptional value for years to come.

In the last 50 years, Genie has gone above and beyond in its product development efforts, focusing on what you need to be successful in your industries and applications — and, Genie innovations are changing the market, setting the industry standard for quality, reliability and safety in aerial lift equipment.

Over the last five decades, we have become known for developing innovative products that the market has never seen before, including:
  •     AWP Lifts: Genie pioneered the first hydraulic material lifts, featuring a unique interlocking mast design. These AWP push-arounds quickly became an industry favorite, thanks to their ground entry for operators and portability on jobsites.
  •     Z™-Boom Lift Category: Genie introduced the articulating Z-boom in 1985 with the Z-30/20 model; a product that launched the company into the rental segment. These lifts gained incredible popularity due to their unique “up-and-over” capabilities to navigate obstacles at height.
  •     Compact Telehandlers: The Telelift 2306 telehandler was introduced in 1998 for the agricultural market to operate in animal stables with limited-dimension doorways but with enough capacity to pick-and-carry a variety of materials. Compact telehandlers popularity quickly grew beyond agricultural uses thanks to these machines’ high productivity and performance, maneuverability and easy operation. Today, the innovative Telelift 2306 is known as the Genie GTH™-5519 telehandler.
  •     40-ft Scissors: Genie offers the most full-drive height models in the industry, including the GS™-4047 model which allowed the brand to enter into a whole new class category globally. Operators can safely position and reposition a Genie scissor lift fully extended, saving time on the job.
  •     Genie 011315_-15SX-180 Boom Lift: The brand’s highest reaching self-propelled boom, built to safely and quickly lift operators. Genie was the first to market with the world’s tallest boom. Its compact, lightweight design makes it easy for customers to transport to and use on jobsites.
  •     X-Chassis: This expanding axle design revolutionizes the mechanism for extending and retracting the axles on Genie booms to and from the stowed position. The Genie X-Chassis feature combines outstanding stability with the flexibility for easy transport.
  •     Active Oscillating Axles: This feature allows operators using Genie booms to safely maintain contact with the ground on uneven and undulating surfaces, enabling the unit to retain maximum power and torque.
Genie also has set new standards in the industry for many products and technologies that have become widely adopted in the last 50 years, including dual parallelogram, rotating, fully articulating and extending jibs, true crab steering and the TraX™ track drive system.

  •     Z40-Boom COBThe dual parallelogram lift linkage allows Genie Z-boom operators to vertically track walls by simply raising or lowering the secondary boom without needing to re-position the machine.
  •     The market’s first rotating jib was pioneered on the Genie Z-20 boom lift. This feature is still used on several Genie products today.
  •     Fully articulating jibs were first introduced on early Genie S™-60 telescopic boom models. Before the advent of this feature, jibs were only able to be articulated parallel with the main boom. With the fully articulating feature, operators are able to articulate the jib above the boom and get in, up and behind objects quickly and easy.
  •     True crab steering was first developed for the Genie S™-125 telescopic boom to eliminate hydraulically or mechanically linking the left and right tires with only Ackerman steering geometry. By independently driving each tire, operators can (thru the use of angle sensors) do Ackerman steering geometry, steer all the tires the same angle one direction (crab steering) and do four-wheel steering.
  •     Genie was the first to bring the four-point TraX track drive system to the industry as a way to provide increased terrainability and lower contact pressure for reduced damage to sensitive ground surfaces on aerial products such as the company’s Z- and S-booms.
As you can see, we’ve been busy these last 50 years. And, we have no plans to slow down our progress. We’ve got brand-new ideas being thought of today that we’ll be turning into reality within the next two years. We never stop moving forward — we keep taking our customers’ and their businesses higher. In the next 50 years, we’ll continue to reach new heights, fit into new classifications and categories and help our customers make more money. Stay tuned!

Stay up to date on the Genie 50th Anniversary at www.genielift.com/50th