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If so, then you are in the right spot. We provide ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved Operator Safety Training for Forklift Certification. We are here to help you get the certifications necessary to fit your employer's requirements.

Next Scheduled Class will be Tuesday, May 5th, 2016 @ 8:00am

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OSHA Issues “Working Safely with Scissor Lifts” Alert

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released an updated hazard alert that highlights specific hazards present in workplaces where scissor lifts are used, and defines specific controls employers must implement to prevent incidents. Below are excerpts from this important OSHA alert; the entire alert can be downloaded via this link: Working Safely with Scissors Lifts.

According to OSHA, employers are responsible for keeping workers safe when using scissor lifts and must comply with the agency’s 29 CFR standards, including attention to Fall Protection, Stabilization, Positioning, Maintaining and Training Workers.

GS4047_11Fall Protection

Scissor lifts must have guardrails installed to prevent workers from falling (see 29 CFR 1926.451(g) or 29 CFR 1910.29(a)(3)(vii)). Employers should train workers to:
  •     Check to see that a guardrail system is in place before working on the scissor lift.
  •     Only stand on the work platform; never stand on the guardrails.
  •     Keep work within easy reach to avoid leaning away from the scissor lift.

Employers should ensure that scissor lifts are stable and will not tip over or collapse. Some safe work practices to ensure safe, stable conditions for scissor lift use include:
  •     Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe movement.
  •     Select work locations with firm, level surfaces away from hazards.
  •     Use the scissor lift outside only when weather conditions are good, generally limited to wind speeds below 28 miles per hour.

Positioning the scissor lift to avoid crushing hazards is important for safe use. Scissor lifts present crushing hazards similar to vehicles and other mobile equipment at worksites. Employers should train workers to be watchful when:
  •     A moving scissor lift is near a fixed object.
  •     A moving vehicle and the scissor lift are operating closely.
  •     The scissor lift passes under a fixed object, such as a door frame or a support beam.
  •     Positioning the scissor lift to avoid electrocution, arc flash, and thermal burns is important for safely using scissor lifts near energized power lines. Since electricity can arc or jump from the power line to the scissor lift or worker, electrocution can occur even if neither the scissor lift nor the worker touches the power line.
Maintaining Scissor Lifts

Employers must regularly maintain scissor lifts to ensure that they are safe to use (e.g., prevent the lifting mechanism from collapsing). Manufacturer’s maintenance and inspection instructions will generally include how to:
  •     Test and inspect controls and components before each use.
  •     Ensure that guardrail systems are in good working condition.
  •     Verify that brakes once set will hold the scissor lift in position.
Training Workers

Employers must provide workers training on hazards, including how to work safely with or near scissor lifts. (29 CFR 1926.454). Training must, at a minimum, include:

  •     Manufacturer’s instructions for operating the scissor lift vertically and while in transit.
  •     How to handle materials on the scissor lift, including weight limits.
  •     Other worksite hazards workers may encounter when working on a scissor lift (e.g., contact with electrical wires).
  •     Reporting any equipment defects or maintenance needs.
GS1932_extendextGenie applauds OSHA’s efforts to communicate employer’s responsibilities in keeping workers safe with their scissor lift hazard alert. Safety training is a critical part (as is maintenance, jobsite hazard assessments, machine selection and more) in helping to ensure that scissor lift operators are kept safe. Safety does not need to be complicated, but it does need to be taken seriously each and every time a piece of equipment is used. We believe with a few simple steps, operators can be educated and trained to operate scissor lifts, as well as other aerial work platforms, safely and efficiently in a wide variety of applications. Genie takes safety seriously, and while OSHA offers to help with compliance assistance, Genie is also there for support.

If you have any questions regarding scissor lift product safety, this OSHA alert or any other scissor lift-related topics, please feel free to contact us anytime at 800-536-1800.


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Do you need to have your forklift license to apply or start that new job???"


If so, then you are in the right spot. We provide ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved Operator Safety Training for Forklift Certification. We are here to help you get the certifications necessary to fit your employer's requirements.

Next Scheduled Class will be Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 8:30am

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Performing a Boom Lift Function Check - JLG Industries

Learn how to conduct a proper function check with boom controls. The function check ensures all functions operate smoothly with precise control. It provides the opportunity to visually inspect items that cannot be seen during the walk around, like boom sections and extendable axles. Some tips you’ll see include: Ensure the machine is on a firm, level surface in an area free of obstructions and that there is no load in the platform. Make sure there’s enough clearance around the machine and platform to safely operate all functions. The turntable lock should be disengaged. Always start with the ground controls. Watch the video for a more detailed overview.


I-80 Forklift Participates in a fundraiser,"The Warrior Dash" in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

This Interstate 80 Forklift photo was on the front cover of the American Rental Associations 2015 Annual Report, The Power of Giving: Building a Strong Future One Person at a Time.  This photo was taken while the team at I-80 Forklift participated in a fundraiser event, "The Warrior Dash" in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Finishing a Warrior Dash tests you on every level. Register as a St. Jude Warrior, and you can use your victory to help kids battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases. As a St. Jude Warrior, you'll get a personalized fundraising page, email templates and race-day perks based on your fundraising commitment.

Funds raised by St. Jude Warriors go directly toward the St. Jude Red Frog Events Proton Therapy Center. Visit the Warrior Dash website to learn more about the groundbreaking pediatric cancer research that St. Jude Warriors help make possible.

Find out more at:  https://www.stjude.org/get-involved/at-play/fitness-for-st-jude/warrior-dash.html

Questions? Email us at warriordash@stjude.org.



Save Now with Remanufactured Parts

JLG helps you save time and money through a low cost alternative to buying new parts with the remanufactured parts program. Take advantage of a high quality remanufacturing and testing process to return your starter, alternator or generator to original manufacturing specifications.

Order today and enjoy a savings of up to 10% when you order select remanufactured parts in March and April.

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Cash, Lease or Finance – Options to Purchase Your Rental Fleet

Equipment acquisition decisions are more involved than just picking which models to stock in your rental fleet. They also include your plan on how to purchase that equipment. Whether you chose to buy or lease, you need to understand all your options to pay for your rental fleet and chose which one is best for your business.

Click here to learn more: http://aerialpros.genielift.com/2016/03/03/financing-rental-fleet/

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Lift And Transport Wire Mesh Panels With Ease

The Mesh Handler must be used on level ground with the forks level.

We recommend:
Using 6 or 8 hooks for bundles that are 20 feet long.

For 6-point lifts, we recommend using the 4 outer hooks and a pair of hooks on one of the fork tubes.
Using 4 hooks for bundles that are 10 feet long or shorter.

For 4-point lifts of bundles 10 feet long or shorter, we recommend using the 4 inner hooks on the fork tubes.

The load must be centered under the Mesh Handler. Hooks must always be used in pairs at each tube. Never lift with one end of a tube and not the other end. The lifting chain lengths should be adjusted so that all are tight with proper load-sharing. The chains must be routed through the angle wedges such that the load is applied to the angle wedge and not the shackle attachment point. Lifts should always be smooth -not jerky.

Before lifting, the forklift operator must make sure all personnel are at least 20 ft. away from the mesh.  Should a bundle break loose, the stack has a tendency to spread rapidly which could cause severe injury or even death. Make sure all personnel on the ground are clear of lifting area when lifting.

1155 Wire Mesh Handler - w/Fork Pockets 39" DC -Requires 48" or wider Carriage  -  Handles up to 8 ft. X 20 ft. wire mesh bundles 13' 7000 lbs 1025 lbs.
1155·36CCFP Wire Mesh Handler - w/Fork Pockets 36" DC -Requires 44" or wider Carriage  -  Handles up to 8 ft. X 20 ft. wire mesh bundles 13' 6500 lbs 1025 lbs.
1155-24CCFP Wire Mesh Handler - w/Fork Pockets 24" DC Requires 32" or wider  Carriage  -  Handles up to 8 ft. X 20 ft. wire mesh bundles 13' 6500 lbs 1025 lbs.


Cummins Off-Highway Power Evolution

See the evolution of power in Cummins off-highway engines, from the new QSF2.8 up to the QSK engine with over 4000-hp (2983 kW) output. The 16-cylinder Cummins QSK95 is the world's most powerful high-speed diesel, and is the first engine to be introduced in a new high-horsepower diesel and gas platform from Cummins.