Rough Terrain Brick Carts

Model 203B Specs
Tilt capacity 1000 lbs.
    Two pair 15" forks & one pair 8" forks
    Accommodates any banded block or brick package
    More fork adjustment holes to accommodate banded block packages
    4 ply wide high-float tires
    Heavy Duty 1" dia. axle with 3" roller bearings
    Spring loaded positioning wheels
    Overall width - 29"
    Weight - 140 lbs.

Model 202B Specs
    Tilt capacity - 600 lbs.
    One pair 8" forks
    Accommodates any banded brick package
    4 ply - wide high-float tires
    Heavy Duty 1" dia. axle w/3" roller bearings
    Overall width- 29"
    Weight - 115 lbs.


How to Operate the JLG Boom Lift Drive Orientation System

Learn how to operate the drive system on your JLG boom lift. The drive orientation system activates whenever the boom is swung past the rear drive wheels from the normal driving position. When drive is initiated past the rear drive wheels, the drive orientation indicator will flash and the steer and drive functions will be disabled. To drive the unit in this position, match the directional arrow on the frame with the directional arrow at the drive controller to the intended direction of travel. Engage and release the drive orientation override switch and slowly move the drive controller to the intended direction of travel. 

The drive orientation override switch has a 3-second enable timer. If the timer expires, the override switch must be reengaged to enable the drive and steer functions. 

Consult your operation and safety manual for more information.



Get More Fork Under Bulky Loads


One Man can install or remove in seconds

Model     Overall Length     Fits     Weight per set
1664      72"     4" x 48" forks  108 lbs.
1665      72"     5" X 48" forks     113 lbs.
1666      72"     6" x 48" forks     148 lbs.

Things You Should Know About Fork Extensions
◆  Overall length of fork extension must not exceed 150% of fork length.
◆  Inside width of fork extension must not be more than ½" wider than fork.
◆  Forklift capacity is substantially reduced when center of load is moved out beyond standard 2 ft. load center.
◆  Do not pick up load with tip of fork extensions.
◆  Load must be centered on fork extensions or closer to the backstop.


JLG® Toucan: All the Access You Need

See the JLG® Toucan in action throughout a facility—lifting up and over obstacles, navigating doorways and confined spaces and loading onto a trailer. The Toucan mast boom lift features 360-degree rotation, non-marking tires, an excellent turning radius and maneuverability and smooth, proportional controls that are simple to operate. Watch the video to learn more.


I-80 Forklift Serving all of Your Equipment Transportation Needs

Our I-80 Forklift in-house truck and Cozad trailer will provide that same superior service our former sister company I-80 Transport did. Our truck is California compliant until 2023 and our RGN Cozad 35 ton air-tail trailer will provide fast and efficient loading and unloading.

We look forward to serving any all of your transportation needs; along with our continued services in Sales, Rentals, Repairs and Parts.

Please feel free to contact us at the number listed below if you have any questions or want to schedule your next load!

We appreciate your business.

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Cummins Components - Future Technology That Transforms

Showcasing the full spectrum of Cummins expertise in component technologies for the commercial diesel engine. These component innovations are capable of improving the fuel efficiency of modern diesel engines by at least 10% while also improving emissions reductions performance.