What is “operator comfort” and why is it important?

Operator comfort means that the operator is comfortable with the actual physical setup in the cab. Is the seat comfortable? Are the joystick and other operator controls easy to reach? Does the operator have to strain to reach things? Is it easy to see the working area? Are mirrors set up so that the operator doesn’t have to strain to see behind him or to the side or to the right or left? Are there temperature controls so the operator is neither too hot nor too cold while working?

Operator comfort is important because an equipment operator will be more productive if he is comfortable. In the rental industry, different operators will often use the same machines and the more comfortable they are, the more likely they are to be productive.


Increase the Versatility of Your Telehandler with Pipe Grapple Attachments!

Optimize the use of your Telehandler with the JLG Pipe Grapple. The Pipe Grapple handles various pipe diameters and configurations. The arms fold down on the pipe/poles to secure and prevent the load from rolling off or tipping sideways. The arm design offers the most versatility for handling various diameters and lengths. When idle, the arm assembly pivots to the full vertical position so the truck can be utilized for typical loads. Please contact the Parts Marketing team at 1-877-554-5438 or partsprograms@jlg.com for more information.


  • Can handle long pipe or pole material efficiently
  • Help to stabilize a load of long pipes or poles
  • Specially designed clamping arms mounted on top of carriage 


  • 72” carriage
  • 48” Forks (ITA - hook mounted)
  • 2” - 30” pipe diameter 

• Use only JLG approved attachments with proper material handler model/attachment load capacity charts displayed in the operator’s cab. 
• Never use your attachment as a work platform or personnel carrier. 

I-80 Forklift is a proud distributor of JLG Products and accessories.


Cummins Genuine Parts vs. Non-Genuine Parts: There is a Difference

Sometimes it can be hard to see the difference between Genuine Cummins parts and non-genuine parts, but it’s the little details that make a difference. Non-genuine parts may fit a Cummins engine – but they aren’t built or remanufactured using the same procedures or materials, to Cummins exact specifications. This video takes a look at some of the critical differences in quality and performance between Genuine Cummins parts versus non-genuine parts. To learn more about Genuine Cummins parts, visit http://cumminsgenuineparts.com or contact your Cummins dealer or distributor.


Trailer Mounted Booms by Genie®

Genie® trailer-mounted Z-booms feature an outstanding operating envelope, making them ideal to reach jobs high and low. With easy-to-tow mobility and simple pictograph controls, it’s no wonder that Genie trailer-mounted Z-booms take productivity to new heights.
  •     Operating envelope of a Z-boom — reaches up, over and out
  •     Easily towed behind a pickup or SUV
  •     Lightweight enough to use on lawns, slate or gymnasium floors
  •     Exclusive Genie Automatic Leveling System™ for self-leveling on slopes up to 11°
  •     Simple pictograph controls allow operators to get to work quickly
  •     Drive and Set™ option positions unit quickly and efficiently


"Find the Bone" Contest

The first two people to find the bone at www.i80forklift.com and say where they found it on the website gets put into a drawing for a $100 gift card to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

Send correct answers to: newsletter@i80forklift.com


i80 Forklift Sponsors Chase Hill's Kart in the 500 Open

I80 Forklift was a partnered sponsor on Chase Hill's Kart in the 500 Open at Dixon Raceway 2015 Memorial Day Money Mayhem race.


AWP Driver Orientation System

Tech Tip    

On newer JLG® aerial work platforms, an orientation switch is installed on the platform control box. The drive orientation system activates when the machine is swung to the side past the rear tires.

Watch our short YouTube video to learn more about this function and how to maneuver your machine in this situation. Supplemental details can be found in your operator and safety manuals as well.


Fiesta Days Youth Golf Tournament

Fiesta Days Youth Golf Tournament Open to Boys and Girls 5-18 years of age

Rick and Michelle made a monetary donation to this event while volunteering their time.  Rick was in charge of the Putting Contest and Michelle assisted with check-in.

About Vacaville Fiesta Days

Vacaville residents seem to get in the mood for pageants and festivals once spring rolls around. For the past 101 years, they have turned out for many different spring and summer celebrations. Vacaville Pageant Day on April 30, 1916 was a grand production, “a poetic idea successfully carried out by the united efforts of the community,” noted The Reporter in its edition of May 5, 1916.

Main Street was draped with flags and 1,500 lined the street to watch the parade of 300 pageant participants pass from High School Hill down to Main. The pageant depicted the history of California and Vacaville.

Chief Solano led the parade followed by American Indians native to the Vacaville area. Next followed the Spanish with descendants of the city’s founding families, the Vaca’s and the Pena’s. A chorus sang “La Paloma.” Next came the Fansciscan fathers, the gold rush miners, cowboys, farmers, the Japanese and Chinese, Gypsies and singing schoolchildren. Bringing up the rear were decorated automobiles – still a new sight in 1916.

Wells Fargo Co. lent an old ’49er stagecoach, just as it does now in the Fiesta Days Parade.

Next Year…
But when spring rolled around the next year, there was no Vacaville Pageant Day II. Not a word about it in the local paper. Although the newspaper would print about Dixon and their May Fair and the Solano County Fair. Vacaville wanted it’s own fair.

So what did we do?
We created Fiesta Days in July 1957. We called it Western Fiesta, the week was more akin to a cowboy roundup and rodeo. There was plenty of square dancing and the rodeo ran for two days. Everybody seemed to be involved. Most of our events were started that year: Parade, Queen Contest and the Jail and Beard-growing Contest. The parade was on Saturday. It’s route began at West and Merchant streets, heading up to Main street and turning west to Buck Avenue. The parade was run by the Fire Department.

A big barbecue was held in Andrew’s Park. It was on Sunday that the first Whiskerino Contest was held. It seems that all the men in town were challenged to grow a beard. A jail was set up to incarcerate any man who hadn’t grown a beard. Even the town’s distinguished Judge S.M. Dobbins was made a “jailbird.”

The City Council members dressed up in long black coats with top hats and Lincoln-style beards for their meeting during Fiesta week. All five men took part in the parade in costume and riding donkeys. Western Fiesta became Fiesta Days and the community’s Spanish and Mexican heritage has been given more attention over the years. Events changed and committee members disagreed, battled, quit and rejoined, but somehow, Fiesta Days has endured for 50 years.

Learn more at: http://fiestadays.org/


Angle Broom for Skid-Steer Loaders

    Hydraulically driven rotating Broom pushes dirt and debris away from loader.
    Designed for Heavy Duty Sweeping of dirt, dried mud, light snow, and other debris.
    Ideal for driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, loading dock, warehouses and more.
    Excellent for quick light snow removal without damage to the pavement surface.

✮ Features

    - One piece fast change Broom - No loss time installing multiple bristle wafers.
    - Bi-Directional, manually angles up to 30 degrees left or right of center.
    - Built-in Stand keeps Bristles off ground when stored and aids in changing Brooms.
    - Hoses kept together and protected from abrasion in Nylon Sleeve.
    - Flush Faced Hydraulic Quick Couplers included.
    - Direct Drive Motor - No chains or sprockets.
    - Loader Arms raise and lower broom.
    - Universal Skid-Steer Mounting Plate fits all modern full size Skid-Steers.

Specifications                    Model 190M-72            Model 190M-84
Broom Size                       26" dia. x 72" long         26" dia. x 84" long
Broom Type     Poly Bristle With Integral Steel Core
Optional Broom     50% Poly & 50% Steel Bristles
Overall Length                                87"                             99"
Overall Height                                30"                             30"
Sweeping Width/Angle Position   63"                             73"
Weight                                            750 lbs.                    850 lbs.
Hydraulic Drive     Reversible Parker Motor
Hydraulic Flow Range     12 to 28 gpm
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure     3000 PSI
Minimum Hydraulic Requirements     12 gpm @ 2000 PSI


I80 Forklift Parts Department Tour

Rick from I80 forklift gives a tour of their parts department. Having one of the largest in California, they can save you time and money for your repairs. See more at http://www.i80forklift.com