Model 135

  •     Mixer type - rotating drum
  •     Hyd. requirements - 8 to 10 GPM
  •     Capacity - 6 ft3
  •     Empty weight - 298 lbs.
Put the new Mix-N-Place on your skid-steer and you have both a concrete mixer and a placer, all in one.  It is the easily affordable way to mix small volumes of concrete and then place it anywhere it is needed. Today, getting less than full truckloads of concrete from a ready-mix company is almost impossible, and if they will deliver it, you can bet the cost will be significantly higher than the normal yardage price. In addition, wheeling concrete is very costly, slow, and labor intensive. With the Mix-N-Place you can mix the quantity you need, have it when you are ready for it, place it where it is needed, and keep the cost low.

The six cubic foot capacity is perfectly matched for the majority of skid-steer loaders. The Mix-N-Place is simple in design, but is built rugged so it will be dependable. The mixer is powered by a strong hydraulic motor that mounts to an extra heavy duty carrier bearing. This rugged bearing safely carries the load while protecting the hydraulic motor and seals. A heavy duty universal skid-steer quick-tach along with 3/8" plate mounting components ensures it will stand up on any job, and even withstand the toughest of rental conditions. The Mix-N-Place is supplied complete with hydraulic hoses and quick disconnects.  Just connect to your skid-steer’s auxiliary hydraulics and you are ready to Mix-N-Place concrete.

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