Forklift Broken Down? I-80 Forklift will fix it right the first time so you can get back to work.

Based in Solano County, centrally located between the Bay Area and Sacramento, Interstate 80 Forklift is your top choice for all your forklift needs. Interstate 80 Forklift offers competitive pricing on new and used forklifts. As well we have a large inventory of parts ready to ship or be installed. We employ top-notch mechanics who are experienced and ready to serve you.

Repairs and servicing can also be done in our shop conveniently located in Vacaville, California. We also supply new, used or recap tires.

NEW!!! Running a night shift that is using a forklift? Don't get behind schedule because of an unexpected break-down. Let Interstate 80 Forklift be your back-up plan. Call and schedule an "on-call" mechanic for those off hour times.

I-80 Forklift
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Just Arrived: Used JLG Gradall G642p



682 hour meter
Tires 25% Foam Filled
72" swing carriage


F.O.B. Vacaville, Ca 95687

Email I-80 Forklift for Details

Find out more about the JLG 640 here: http://www.jlg.com/en/equipment/telehandlers/jlg/642


Introducing the JLG® 2032ES and 2632ES Scissor Lifts

The versatility and reliability of ES Scissor Lifts have made them staples of job sites and facilities worldwide. Operators rely on their maneuverability and efficient electric engines to get the job done on time and on budget. With the reputation of our lifts well-established, we are excited to introduce two new models of ES Scissor Lifts—the 2032ES and the 2632ES—designed to give you even more options for picking the right machine for the job.

Learn more about our 2032ES and the 2632ES.


Forklift Safety Checklist

Forklifts should receive adequate safety checks . There are various hazards associated with forklift operation and a complete check before daily forklift operation will ensure forklift driver safety and safety for other employees and company assets.

A forklift safety checklist will ensure its safe condition. It will help you identify any potential problem with the forklift. Having a forklift safety checklist is essential.

A safety checklist should be completed with a "Yes or No" complete with a comment for "No" answers.

General information should be provided:

Name of workplace
  1.     Division/Department/Section
  2.     Running location
  3.     Identification of forklift
  4.     Work description (brief)
Workplace conditions
  1.     Is the operating area completely separated from walkers?
  2.     Are there clear and adequate safety signs warning walkers against forklift traffic?
  3.     Are walker pathways and zebra crossings marked?
  4.     Are workers warned about  crossing forklift pathways?
  5.     Are convex safety mirrors present at blind spots?   
Forklift part check
  1.     Does the forklift specification meet the operating requirement?
  2.     Is a clear forklift load chart provided?
  3.     Is a seat belt provided?
  4.     Is there a speed controller?
  5.     Do the horn, reversing beeper, proximity indicator and flashing light function properly?
  6.     Is there a protective structure provided on the forklift to prevent injuries during roll=overs or from falling objects?
  7.     Is the maintenance performed regularly?
  8.     Are forklift maintenance and repair records maintained?
  9.     Is there enough fuel inside forklift?
  10.     Is forklift battery charged?
  11.     Are the forklift tires fully inflated?
  12.     Are the tires pressure enough and safe?
  13.     Are the tires in good conditions?
  14.     Do the forklift brakes work?
  15.     Is the steering functioning correctly?
  16.     Does the gear shift work?
  17.     Are the left and right mirrors available and clear?
  18.     Do all indicators and gauges function properly?
  19.     Are there any liquid leaks from the forklift?
  20.     Are fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid and coolant levels full?
  21.     Is there a portable fire extinguisher fitted on the forklift?
  22.    Are hard hats required for forklift operators?
  23.    Is personal protective equipment such as eye goggles, ear plugs and safety shoes available to operators?
Forklift Operators/Drivers
  1.    Are  forklift operators or drivers certified?
  2.     Does the driver understand the load chart?
  3.     Is appropriate training provided?
  4.     Have forklift drivers been given adequate training?
  5.     Are the drivers familiar with the workplace layout in the plant site?
  6.     Do forklift drivers follow the pathways correctly?
  7.     Are forklift drivers or operators in good health?
  8.     Does the forklift driver know the maximum speed?
Working system
  1.     Are there speed limits for powered equipment on site?
  2.     Are there appropriate traffic management plans at the plant site to prevent collision of forklifts with people and other mobile equipment by separating them in time or space?
  3.     Are all safety procedures related to forklift inspection, operation, clean up and maintenance established, maintained and communicated to operators?
  4.     Is there a monitoring and supervision system for ensuring all safety procedures work?
  5.    Are work schedules adequate to move materials without operating the forklift at excessive speeds?
  6.     Are only certified drivers allowed to operate a forklift?
  7.     Is load checking always performed for load stability?
  8.     Is load weight always checked before loading to avoid overloading?
  9.     Is the load always lowered prior to the forklift being in motion?
  10.     Are safe distances provided  from the edge of ramps, docks, drains, gutters, floor openings and any other opening and obstacles established to prevent forklift accident?
  11.     Are all ramp or dock edges safeguarded and visibly marked?
  12.     Is the forklift allowed to lift workers using forklift to do certain job?
  13.     Is the forklift allowed to be used for doing other jobs instead of lifting?
  14.     Is the procedure for the safe battery charging or fuel filling established?
All these questions must be completed to ensure forklift safety.Countermeasures and follow up are required before the forklift can be used. Follow up must be made for NO' answers to any of these above questions in the safety checklist.

By Lukman Nulhakiem

Lukman Nulhakiem is a chemical engineer who has experience in hazard recognition and hazard control studies. Visit his blog at  cemicalplantsafety.net to learn more about safety in chemical plant and workplaces in general.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lukman_Nulhakiem

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5056035


I-80 Forklift Offers In-House Trucking

I-80 Forklift is pleased to announce our new in-house trucking service. Our in-house truck and Cozad trailer will provide that same superior service our former sister company I-80 Transport did. 

Our truck is California compliant until 2023 and our RGN Cozad 35 ton air-tail trailer will provide fast and efficient loading and unloading.

We look forward to serving any all of your transportation needs; along with our continued services in Sales, Rentals, Repairs and Parts.

Please feel free to contact me at the number listed below if you have any questions or want to schedule your next load!

We appreciate your business.

Direct: 707-451-5100


Introducing The Tallest Self-Propelled Boom Lift by Genie

The Genie® SX-180 boom lift is the highest reaching self-propelled boom lift in the Genie Super Boom™ lineup, capable of reaching an astonishing 180 feet (54.86 m). The SX-180 is built not only to be our tallest boom lift, but to safely and quickly lift operators. Check out these specs to learn more.
Download Specs

Unique Versatility

The SX-180 boom lift is a specially adapted Super Boom that is ideally suited for a huge range of industries: construction, maintenance, telecommunications, gas and oil refineries, chemical maintenance, and large utilities.

Extreme Working Envelope

With 180 feet (54.86 m) of vertical reach combined with 80 feet of horizontal outreach, the SX-180 boom lift delivers a working envelope that provides excellent access and versatility that reaches a 120 ft vertical (38.6 m) and 70 ft horizontal (21.34 m) point for even the most extreme tasks.

The Genie SX-180 boom lift is fully drive enabled even when telescoped to its full 180 ft (54.86 m), which means less adjustment downtime and more on-the-job productivity.
SX-180 - Stored

The Genie SX-180 boom lift is fully drive enabled even when telescoped to its full 180 ft (54.86 m), which means less adjustment downtime and more on-the-job productivity.
SX-180 - Stored

Patented XChassis™ System

Our unique XChassis system both extends and retracts, allowing the SX-180 boom lift to provide excellent stability in a profile narrow enough for transport on a standard trailer without requiring over-width or over-height permits.

Find out more at: http://sx180.genielift.com/


Ready to Rent - Genie RL-4 Light Tower at Interstate 80 Forklift

Genie RL-4
4x1000 Watt Light Bulbs
30' Tower
30 Gallon Fuel Tank - Means 60 Hour Run Time
6.0 kW Generator
One 120v Receptacle
One 240v Receptacle
Genie RL™4 Compact Standard Duty Light Towers - Genie-a  Terex ® Brand

The Terex RL4 is a durable, cost effective solution for jobsite lighting. The 30 ft (9.14 m) extended-height floodlight tower provides 4,000 Watts of light. 359ยบ non-continuous tower rotation allows for pinpoint light positioning. The compact size of the RL4 enables transportation of up to 10 units per truck, maximizing freight dollars. Designed to help get the job done on time and on budget, this model offers the right combination of capabilities and value.

Call I-80 Forklift at 707- 451-5100


Compact Telehandlers

Genie® compact telehandlers                             

Genie compact telehandlers are the perfect choice for tasks both large and small. Easy to maneuver and convenient to service, with a variety of rugged attachments, Genie compact telehandlers meet the needs of most construction, masonry, landscape and farming applications.
  •     Compact footprint and low stowed height — easy to transport and maneuver
  •     Three selectable steering modes: front-wheel, coordinated and crab steer
  •     Standard auxiliary hydraulic system is easily tailored for a variety of attachments
  •     Interchangeable, common components for maintenance efficiency
  •     Simple no-tool access to daily inspection points

Interstate 80 Forklift is an Authorized dealer for Genie Telehandler Lifts


Interstate 80 Forklift Maintenance & Repair

Our technicians are factory certified and have many years experience in the field. We fix it right the first time, so you can get back on schedule.

In most cases we can have a mechanic on-site for emergency repairs the same or next day. Our repairs cover from minor part to complete engines. We can do everything from Basic Preventative Maintenance to 1000 Hour Full Services.

Repairs and servicing can also be done at our facility yard. We also supply new, used, or recap tires.

If there is a problem, we will find it and fix it !

Facility Yard Location:

70 Union Way

Vacaville, CA 95687

Driving Directions to our Office/Yard

California Counties I-80 Forklift Services:

Alameda, Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Colusa, Contra Costa, Del Norte, El Dorado,  Fresno, Lake,Madera, Marin, Mariposa, Merced, Napa, Placer, Sacramento,San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Sutter, Yolo, Yuba