Ladder vs. Liftpod - How Do They Compare?

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Electrifying construction equipment

Over the past few years, manufacturers have increased the number of hybrids and battery-powered machines available to their customers, including rental stores. Certain categories of equipment are making the transition from diesel or gas-only power to incorporate new technologies, such as light towers, aerial lifts and mini excavators.

As electric power cars become more of a norm than a novelty, and battery technology continues to advance, the likelihood of more manufacturers switching to alternative power for construction equipment becomes greater.

“We anticipate a continued increase in interest surrounding hybrid, dual fuel and alternative energy machines moving forward,” says Bill Dovey, senior product manager, aerial work platforms, JLG Industries, an Oshkosh Corp. company, McConnellsburg, Pa.

Zach Gilmor, Genie product manager, Terex AWP, Redmond, Wash., says the market for hybrid equipment specifically is driven by a couple of factors — the versatility offered by the hybrid powertrain and the desirability of a lower-cost solution to Tier 4 emissions regulations.

By Wayne Walley

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Similar, Not the Same: Finding the Right Scissor for Your Job

When it comes to scissor lifts there are several factors you need to consider before deciding on which machine is best for your particular application. What’s your budget? At what height do you need to work? Will you be working inside, outside or both? Will you have access to a power source to charge the machine? The list is virtually endless.
These are some of the general questions you will want to ask when purchasing or renting a scissor lift. Answers to these questions will help guide you towards the right unit for the job in terms of general specifications, but as with all equipment, additional features beyond height and weight differentiate one scissor brand from another. So, while all scissor lifts may look similar, they are not the same.
Many scissor lift models allow operators to complete a specific task, but how efficiently that task is accomplished, along with the safety, serviceability and durability of the machine will be impacted by the model selected. Add to that any advanced technologies built into the machine and you’ll quickly find there are several differentiating factors among various brands that can impact your return on investment (ROI), so do your research and choose wisely.
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JLG® Scissor Lifts: How Variable Tilt Technology Works

Most slab scissor lifts can’t elevate when working on a side slope greater than 1.5 degrees. Watch this video to learn how select JLG® scissor lifts boost productivity with variable tilt technology. Variable tilt technology provides a larger working envelope by allowing the machine to lift on slight side slopes while limiting platform height.


Guess what new1981 feature made the JLG scissor lift more maneuverabile?

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In 1986, our 10,000th boom lift came off the assembly line, and it included a new feature (introduced in 1981) that improved maneuverability. Can you guess what that feature was? http://ow.ly/QYB030lfK3g


Talking Torque on the Genie® GTH™- 844®


The popular Genie GTH-844 rough terrain telehandler has a new Tier 4 74-hp engine option, offering full-sized performance at the right-sized price. An engine has a big impact on your machine's overall rental return on investment (ROIC), so we kept things simple and cost-effective with the updates to our Tier 4 GTH-844 machines. By optimizing the drive train, and utilizing the new high-torque 74-hp engine, we can offer you a less complex machine at a lower price point than a 99-hp engine option, saving you money right from the start.

  •  Right-side mount engine provides enhanced visibility
  • Ergonomic operator’s station features tiltable steering wheel, single-lever joystick control, and new gauge and switch packages.
  • Standard Dana Axels
  • Standard features include: a Quick-Attach system, low-profile tires, fenders (set of 4), rigging storage compartment, and lift shackle at boom tip
  • Proportional frame-leveling chassis — pick up or place loads on up to 10˚ side slopes
  • Multi-function proportional joystick control for fast, precise load positioning
  • Three selectable steering modes: front-wheel, coordinated and crab steer
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Turbocharged diesel engine
  • 3-speed forward and reverse Powershift transmission
  • High-efficiency/variable displacement hydraulic pump
  • ROPS/FOPS canopy (ISO compliant)
  • High output LED light package options
  • Rear Proximity Alarm options


Product Demo: Genie Fall Arrest Bar - ANSI

This Genie Fall Arrest Bar provides a smooth, sliding, horizontal track that allows users to tie off and move freely outside the platform using a 6-ft shock-absorbing lanyard. The enclosed track, made from high strength steel, protects the trolley from weather and debris. The yellow, identifiable bar attaches quickly and easily, within 15 minutes, for fast setup and removal. This feature also allows the bar to be transferred easily among many lifts, providing flexibility for teams who manage multiple lifts in one fleet. For more information visit genielift.com


Safety at height – prevent repeat mistakes

Scissor Lifts

Safety isn’t about doing the right thing one time. It’s about doing the right thing all the time. This Rental Management Magazine article gives you tips for creating a culture of continuous improvement around safety.