GENIE® Z™- 60/37DC


New all-electric articulating model for clean operation and quiet, powerful performance

GRANTHAM, UK (22nd February, 2016) – Terex AWP is introducing its first entirely all-electric Genie® 20.16 m (65 ft 7 in) Z™-boom lift at The Rental Show held in Atlanta, Ga., USA, February 22-24, 2016. The new all-electric Genie Z-60/37DC articulating boom combines the benefits of quieter, environment-friendly operation with the four-wheel drive performance of a traditional diesel-powered machine. Offering the advantages of zero emissions and full workday operation on just one charge, the Genie Z-60/37DC boom is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as industrial plants, malls, convention centers and construction sites. As a result of its fast re-charging capabilities that provide full charge from a 120v/240v/110v wall power supply in under 14 hours, operators can use this machine every day.

“The Genie Z-60/37DC model is our first all-electric 20.16 m (65 ft 7 in) articulating boom. It shares a lot of similarities in terms of performance and components with our popular articulating Genie Z-62/40 boom model, and this is intentional,” says Adam Hailey, Product Manager, Terex AWP. “We thoughtfully designed this boom to take advantage of the strengths and history of our boom lift product line, to offer customers the right equation of maximized range of motion, real four-wheel drive abilities, quiet performance, energy efficiency, jobsite versatility and cost effectiveness. Weighing more than 2,268 kg (5,000 lb) less than the Z-62/40 lift, the new Genie Z-60/37DC boom enhances the efficiency of this zero emission model’s electric system. This means that the Z-60/37DC lift has full workday performance while accessing many indoor and outdoor work environments that other models cannot.”

Delivering 18.16 m (59ft 7 in) of platform height, 11.15 m (36 ft 7 in) of horizontal outreach and 7.4 m (24 ft 3 in) of up-and-over clearance, the Genie Z-60/37DC boom lift offers the capabilities of a true articulating boom. Equipped with a jib that provides a high 70° up and 65° down range of motion, coupled with 160° of platform rotation, operators benefit from refined positioning power at the boom tip. The platform on this new all-electric articulating Genie boom machine is available in 1.8 m (6 ft) or 2.4 m (8 ft) versions with a capacity of 227 kg (500 lb) to provide two people access to the entire working envelope. Both platforms offer a side entry swing gate and front sliding mid rail as standard. The 2.4 m (8ft) platform comes with an additional side sliding mid rail opposite the gate, for a total of three entry points.

Another benefit of this new unit is its Genie FastMast™ system - an extremely efficient feature that enables the boom to be moved from full height to below grade, and back with just one boom function. With the secondary fully elevated, the primary can reach all the way to the ground and then back to full height - the fastest way to 20.16 m (65 ft 7 in) working height. Drivable at full height, the Genie Z-60/37DC boom lift is also equipped with a dual parallel linkage design so operators can vertically track a building by simply raising or lowering the secondary boom.

As a result of its rugged 4-wheel drive design, operators will appreciate the “go anywhere” capabilities of this quiet, zero-emission articulating Genie boom. With fully sealed AC drive motors that can still perform while submerged up to 91 cm (3 ft) of water, it is also able to go 25 percent faster and climb slopes better than typical diesel-powered units. Engineered with a proven drive and oscillating axle system, the Genie Z-60/37DC boom lift performs similarly to other Genie rough-terrain machines, such as the popular Genie Z-62/40 and S™-60 boom lifts. It is equipped standard with all-terrain, non-marking tyres that give operators the flexibility to work in interior and outdoor applications, making it one of the first machines on a jobsite — and one of the last to leave.

The Genie Z-60/37DC boom lift provides more performance in a compact unit than any other 20.16 m (65 ft 7 in) electric boom available in the market today. Combining a narrow footprint with the advantage of a low tail swing of just 58 cm ( 23 in) with the boom elevated, this new all-electric articulating Genie unit has what it takes to access confined areas on almost any jobsite. Combining a low machine weight of 7,530 kg (16,600 lb) with the advantages of a 8 m (26 ft 9 in) stowed length, the Genie Z-60/37DC articulating boom is also as easy to transport on a standard truck, as it is simple and smooth to operate.

The new all-electric Genie Z-60/37DC articulating boom is available globally.   


JLG New Rough Terrain Scissor Lift, New Mid-Range Boom Lifts and New Hybrid Powered Articulated Boom Lifts.

The new hybrid models will extend the range from 34ft to 66ft. All models will employ the same concept as the current H340AJ with four wheel AC electric drive motors, and both battery electric and diesel power sources.

Find more information HERE.


Let's Talk Torque on the Genie® GTH™- 844®


The popular Genie GTH-844 rough terrain telehandler has a new Tier 4 74-hp engine option, offering full-sized performance at the right-sized price. An engine has a big impact on your machine's overall rental return on investment (ROIC), so we kept things simple and cost-effective with the updates to our Tier 4 GTH-844 machines. By optimizing the drive train, and utilizing the new high-torque 74-hp engine, we can offer you a less complex machine at a lower price point than a 99-hp engine option, saving you money right from the start.

  •  Right-side mount engine provides enhanced visibility
  • Ergonomic operator’s station features tiltable steering wheel, single-lever joystick control, and new gauge and switch packages.
  • Standard Dana Axels
  • Standard features include: a Quick-Attach system, low-profile tires, fenders (set of 4), rigging storage compartment, and lift shackle at boom tip
  • Proportional frame-leveling chassis — pick up or place loads on up to 10˚ side slopes
  • Multi-function proportional joystick control for fast, precise load positioning
  • Three selectable steering modes: front-wheel, coordinated and crab steer
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Turbocharged diesel engine
  • 3-speed forward and reverse Powershift transmission
  • High-efficiency/variable displacement hydraulic pump
  • ROPS/FOPS canopy (ISO compliant)
  • High output LED light package options
  • Rear Proximity Alarm options


Warehouse Forklift Training Class Is Feb 18th 2016

Join our Warehouse Forklift Training class to be held at I-80 Forklift office on February 18th, 2016. Class size is limited, so reserve your spot today! Phone: (707) 451-5100


Interviews with Aerial Manufacturers: Lowering Costs of Ownership

Rental Equipment Register spoke with Corey Raymo, global category director, boomlifts, JLG Industries Inc. about the company’s wide range of new product, the worldwide state of the aerial market and how JLG is working to lower the cost of ownership of its machines.

RER: How do you assess the current market for aerial work platforms in North America and globally?

Raymo: Aerial work platform markets tend to follow pretty closely with the respective states of economies. Currently most global regions are enjoying a state of healthier economies than in the past, for example like we saw in 2009, hence the aerial work platform markets are currently relatively healthy. Some regions that might be exceptions and are experiencing some challenges would be some markets in Latin America and Europe including Russia.

Where is the market trending upwards and where is it trending downwards?

Certainly some regions that show positive signs of growth are those regions that are starting to show some signs of higher rates of adoption of AWPs over other access solutions such as ladders and scaffolding. Such regions would include China and parts of Southeast Asia, and Latin America where adoption has been relatively low in the past among these emerging markets.

Regions showing some downward trends would of course be regions that have typically had higher adoption and purchases in the past, but are now for some reason, experiencing a decline. Some reasons behind the decline could be economic, market saturation, fleet ages, any combination of these or other factors. A few markets that meet these types of criteria might be France and Brazil for example.

What is new with JLG in terms of products?

We are continuing to listen to our customers’ needs and provide them with the solutions to meet their challenges. 2015 has been a huge year for us in terms of new products. We’ve launched more new and redesigned products this year than we have in any single year in our history.

JLG introduced several new products at this year’s Rental Show, including three new boom lifts, our largest scissor lift, an upgraded line of SkyTrak telehandlers, and a completely redesigned line of JLG brand telehandlers. Some common themes that are showing up in the “new” JLG products is a focus on lower total cost of ownership, operator confidence and productivity.

The JLG telehandlers are not just tweaked to be somewhat better, they’ve been redesigned and re-engineered from the ground up. The launch includes five machines, and range in capacity from 6,600 to 12,000 pounds, and in height from 42 to 55 feet. Notable changes include a completely redesigned cab for improved operator comfort and control, a rear axle stabilization system, and improved serviceability. An array of options is available for the new machines, including the industry’s first reverse sensing system, a new integrated digital display with back-up camera and digital load charts, and a ride-control system to enhance operator confidence. The new JLG telehandlers all utilize Tier 4 Final Cummins QSF 3.8L diesel engines that are powerful, fuel efficient, and reliable.

We also launched many new and upgraded accessories for telehandlers, including a pipe grapple, a material handling arm and a trash hopper.

We launched a completely redesigned 400S and 460SJ telescopic (straight) boom lifts and the 450AJ articulating boom lift. All three machines offer class-leading platform capacities and lift times, which can improve operator productivity. Enhanced system designs and new, more durable, hoods to increase in-service time, which improves utilization rates and total cost of ownership.

We also introduced the 530LRT (formerly the 5394RT), a high-capacity, rough-terrain scissor lift, the biggest scissor in JLG’s line. It lets operators place more personnel, tools and materials in the platform for more productive shifts. The 530LRT lift has steel hoods for toughness and auto-leveling outriggers for rapid set up.

The updated SkyTrak® line of telehandlers feature single joystick control, a redesigned dash panel display, and optional air conditioning. Outside, boom functions are faster, the rear counterweight now includes an integrated tow hitch, and there is a new color scheme and new decals. The machines are now powered by Tier 4 Final Cummins 3.8L diesel engines. 

JLG also introduced the LiftPod® FT140 and FT70 personal portable lifts. These are the newest products in the LiftPod line and provide working reach to 20 and 13 feet, respectively. LiftPods are easily operated by one person, easy to move in a pick-up, van or SUV, and require very little space to stow.

Regarding hybrid machines, we introduced the world’s first true four-wheel electric-drive hybrid boom, the H340AJ, in 2014. Combining diesel fuel and an electric power system, the JLG H340AJ provides the power and durability of a diesel-powered machine while saving operational costs. In fact, compared to an all-diesel machine, the H340AJ provides substantial fuel savings, in the range of 30 percent, is quieter (less than 69 decibels), and produces fewer carbon emissions.

Any particular technological trends you would like to talk about, now or future?

JLG is continuing to focus on innovation to deliver the best total cost of ownership in the industry. Doing so will help rental companies maximize their capital investments and help them achieve their profit goals. We will utilize technology whenever it supports our customers’ ROI.

How about after-market support and safety initiatives?

Most recently we introduced www.JLGUsed.com, a website where users can find, inspect and buy quality pre-owned construction equipment from JLG. The website, which will initially support equipment sales in the U.S. and Canada, features a wide variety of brands and machine types, as well as exclusive JLG factory-reconditioned machines and JLG-certified pre-owned machines.

Training is so important to our industry. When operators are well trained, when they fully understand how to operate a machine safely, they help protect themselves and others on the jobsite. Speaking for JLG, we have an equipment simulator that we introduced in October 2014.

    Powerful learning tool remotely accessible to registered students with any laptop.
    Simulates operation of the JLG 800S telescopic boom lift and the JLG G10 telehandler, and most recently the 1850SJ in a virtual environment that recreates the training center and proving grounds to scale.
    Offers three training sessions on each piece of equipment, including controls familiarization, and two operating scenarios (beginner level- and more challenging tasks).
    Provides two views: operator’s perspective and a side view.
    All controls function as they do in the boom lift and telehandler.
    Map in corner of screen helps with navigation and identifying location of boom lift or telehandler.
    Features touch screen controls.
    Decreases the learning curve when operators first enter a lift or telehandler.
    We have also expanded our training center and added an all-new proving grounds course, which provides trainees with the opportunity for a hands-on learning experience that teaches driving and operating skills on telehandlers, scissor lifts, and booms in a safe, controlled environment.

Do you see any particular new growth markets, in terms of places and market segments where AWP usage is growing or has strong potential for growth?

As noted above, several key regions across the globe are starting to show some positive signs of adoption of AWPs over alternative working at height methods such as ladders or scaffolding.

What new trends of interest do you see in the equipment rental market?

In line with our focus on total cost of ownership mentioned above, our customers continue to get more in tune with their overall costs and cost structures, and are looking more and more beyond the initial acquisition costs.  They are putting more and more value on the rest of the equation such as resale value, quality, productivity, service costs, etc.  In line with this, there seems to be more and more of a look from the industry at hybrid technology and what that might be able to do for them with respect to not only TCO, but also for the environment.

New developments in telematics?

JLG is meeting the rental industry’s requirements with machine designs that simplify maintenance for maximum in-service time, with technologies - like ClearSky telematics - that enhance owners’ profitability, and with value-added offerings such as training and aftermarket support.

 Source: http://rermag.com/interviews/interviews-aerial-manufacturers-lowering-costs-ownership


JLG H340AJ Hybrid Articulating Boom Lift

Experience diesel-like performance with hybrid savings and versatility with the JLG H340AJ. Lower fuel costs. Less emissions. And less noise. An excellent machine for both outdoor and indoor use.


Trash & Loose Material Hoppers for Skid-Steer Loaders

Handle Trash Efficiently and Easily.

Hoppers attach directly to the skid-steer quick-tach making it easy to place emptyTrash Hopper on the job hoppers where they are needed. When full, the 24° skid-steer can quickly transport the hoppers to the disposal area and dump into larger containers or onto a trash pile. These durable hoppers are ideal for concrete rubble, wallboard scraps, drop from the masonry saw, and most any type of construction or plant refuse.

Deliver & Place Landscape Materials, Sand, and other loose materials at a lower cost.

For more information, contact I-80 Forklift at  (707) 451-5100


Forklift Fork Extensions for the Bulky Loads


One Man can install or remove in seconds

Model     Overall Length     Fits     Weight per set
1664      72"     4" x 48" forks  108 lbs.
1665      72"     5" X 48" forks     113 lbs.
1666      72"     6" x 48" forks     148 lbs.

Things You Should Know About Fork Extensions

◆  Overall length of fork extension must not exceed 150% of fork length.
◆  Inside width of fork extension must not be more than ½" wider than fork.
◆  Forklift capacity is substantially reduced when center of load is moved out beyond standard 2 ft. load center.
◆  Do not pick up load with tip of fork extensions.
◆  Load must be centered on fork extensions or closer to the backstop.


Forklift Parts - We have it at I-80 Forklift!

Rick from I-80 forklift gives a tour of their parts department. Having one of the largest in California, they can save you time and money for your repairs. See more at http://www.i80forklift.com