Parker’s Resilon® Polyurethane 4350 for High Performance Hydraulic Sealing Systems

Parker’s proprietary Resilon® Polyurethane is the industry benchmark in high performance seal materials for hydraulic systems. We control every step of the process from R&D through manufacturing to polymerize superior thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU’s) customized for specific sealing challenges such as the hydraulic systems in forestry equipment and refuse trucks. Specific advantages of Parker-developed Resilon formulations over conventional polyurethanes include excellent flex resistance, superior dynamic properties, and good cut and tear resistance at the temperature limits for polyurethane materials.
Most recently, Parker launched Resilon 4350 -- surpassing the high temperature performance of the current standard bearer, Resilon 4300.  Using the proprietary technology in Parker’s Resilon 4300 as a starting point, our material scientists incorporated reinforcing high temperature nanotechnology to extend sealing performance at elevated temperatures. Resilon 4350 increases the normal operating window from 230°F to 250°F for continuous use in many applications while other critical performance attributes such as wear resistance, extrusion resistance, glass transition temperature, and rebound remain best in class.   All of this adds up to a new solution for seal designers as they push the envelope in temperature extremes.
Watch the video for comparative test results of our newest polyurethane, Resilon 4350, vs. the leading competitor and see for yourself its sealing performance at elevated temperatures and ability to maintain significantly higher sealing force in extreme environments.

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