Let the Experts at I-80 Foklift Inspect and Replace Worn-Out Hoses on your Equipment

The Hydraulic Hoses on your forklift or man-lift are originally designed to act under high pressure and in hostile environments. At some point in time they could be near failure, in danger of bursting for a variety of reasons. It could be that it is at the end of their life -cycle under the best of conditions or well before that if they have been subjected to unplanned conditions such as abuse or when they get out of their originally designed position. They may fray or crack from rubbing against other objects during operation of the equipment. They may be near failure without any obvious signs from the untrained eye. This could present a very unsafe condition.

Make sure your equipment is inspected by experts and that if needed replaced with hoses that meet the original equipment manufacturers standards.

Hydraulic Hoses by Parker

Parker manufactures the world’s largest offering of rubber and thermoplastic hydraulic hoses in the marketplace today. The leader in motion and control technologies, at Parker we put our industry known engineering expertise into every hydraulic hose we manufacture. With our global manufacturing locations Parker has the hydraulic hose for your application available when and where you need. Parker offers hydraulic hose that meets SAE, DIN, ISO and MSHA standards. Parker’s hydraulic hose includes such features as constant working pressures, low expansion, low temperature and high temperature applications. Parker’s hydraulic hose is used in mobile, agricultural, industrial, rail, refrigeration and aviation applications. And, Parker is known for being innovative. Parker is the only manufacturer to offer high pressure spiral hydraulic hose with the flexibility found in a braided style. With the most abrasion resistant covers today, Parker hydraulic hose can withstand even the harshest of working environment. Parker, the leader in hydraulic hoses and assemblies.

But if you need to have your hoses inspected and or replaced, bring it to I-80 Forklift in Vacaville, CA

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